A Tale of Two Parking Citations

It's not often that I receive a parking ticket. Wait... let me rephrase that... It's not often enough that I receive a parking ticket. Here's how parking should work for me, if it were a perfect world. In a perfect world, I would feel completely safe leaving my car in the parking garage two blocks … Continue reading A Tale of Two Parking Citations


Question of the Week #49

While parking late at night, you slightly scrape the side of a Porsche. You are certain no one else is aware of what happened. The damage is minor and would not be covered by insurance. Would you leave a note? There was a time when I would say no, I wouldn't. My logic would be … Continue reading Question of the Week #49

Innocuous Super Powers

I remember a time when I was having a random conversation with a friend, as we often do. At one point, he began talking about random super powers. Not the kind of powers that would get you membership with the Justice League or the Avengers, but regular powers that could possibly be considered the worst … Continue reading Innocuous Super Powers

Updating the Resume

It's a good idea to occasionally pull out the old resume and make some updates. It doesn't matter if you're applying for a new job or not, you just never know when you might need a fresh resume to hand to someone. I'm not saying you should carry around a dozen copies in your briefcase … Continue reading Updating the Resume