My Favorite Movies #91 – The Fugitive

The Fugitive 1993 Directed by Andrew Davis Netflix says... Wrongly convicted of murdering his wife, Dr. Richard Kimble escapes from custody after a train accident. But as he tries to find the real killer -- a mysterious one-armed man -- gung-ho U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard is hot on his trail. Knowing how long it actually … Continue reading My Favorite Movies #91 – The Fugitive


AFI #62 – American Graffiti

American Graffiti 1973 Directed by George Lucas Netflix says... Showcasing then-Hollywood-newcomers Harrison Ford, Richard Dreyfuss and Ron Howard, director George Lucas weaves together the stories of a disparate group of teenagers as they struggle with adolescent rites of passage in 1962. On the night before two of them leave for college, four high school buddies … Continue reading AFI #62 – American Graffiti

AFI #66 – Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981 Directed by Steven Spielberg Netflix says... When Dr. Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford)--the tweed-suited professor who just happens to be a celebrated archaeologist--is hired by the government to locate the legendary Ark of the Covenant, he finds himself up against the entire Nazi regime. Creative minds Steven Spielberg and George … Continue reading AFI #66 – Raiders of the Lost Ark

AFI #97 – Blade Runner

Blade Runner 1982 Directed by Ridley Scott Netflix says: In the smog-choked dystopian Los Angeles of 2019, blade runner Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) is called out of retirement to snuff a quartet of "replicants" -- androids consigned to slave labor on remote planets. They've escaped to Earth seeking their creator and a way to extend … Continue reading AFI #97 – Blade Runner