I've been thinking about it for a while. That thought has been the rearrangement of the furniture in my living room. But there's a problem with that... I have a very small living room. I have only so many pieces of furniture that can logically be moved to only so many logical locations in the … Continue reading Rearranging



Y'all, I've had some pretty awesome birthday parties in my life. Honestly, they don't always have to involve epic adventures (though it doesn't hurt). Mostly, I only require a decent meal shared with friends. Once, during one of those memorable birthday dinners, an interesting conversation occurred that I thought may be worth sharing. The conversation … Continue reading Registering

Hanging Out at the Pottery Barn

Last week I went to a children's ministry conference with the children's ministry staff from my church (which is a great story in and of itself, so I'll let you know when it's posted). On the way back to Virginia from Atlanta, we stopped at an outlet mall to get some much needed shopping done. … Continue reading Hanging Out at the Pottery Barn


I used to have a recliner that I never sat in. Okay, never is a big word, and somewhat inappropriate. There were times when I actually did sit in it, but those were rare times. It was a very comfortable chair. It was overstuffed and even rocked. I'm fairly certain I could have fallen asleep … Continue reading Recliner