Give Early, Give Often

Here we are... another one of those days where things just didn't go as planned. Sorry... My plan was to write some more Friday Fiction since Mastermixmovies was kind enough to add another writing challenge last week. Unfortunately, as you can see, that's not happening today. I promise, I'll get to it next week. Today, … Continue reading Give Early, Give Often

Ten Gallons

Kids, I have been a fairly regular blood donor since I was a freshman in college. It started with a bloodmobile that would show up on Bluefield College's campus once each semester. So, back then, I would donate roughly twice a year. You know, once each semester. After college, I did a better job of … Continue reading Ten Gallons

Giving Blood in a Horror Movie

On Friday, I went over to the local Red Cross and donated blood. Now, I've given blood and platelets many times in the past. But this was the first time I've ever felt completely creeped out by the prospect of donating. Wait, I'll explain... It began when I pulled into the parking garage. I noticed … Continue reading Giving Blood in a Horror Movie

If You’re Able…

I spent a lot of years donating blood on a regular basis. It started when I was in college. The Red Cross would set up a bloodmobile on campus once each semester and I would sign up to give. That's how I found out I'm A negative. Anyway, I even continued trying to give whole … Continue reading If You’re Able…


When you see a butterfly, what's your first reaction? Do you cower in fear? Do you run and hide? Chances are you don't. Unless you have some kind of butterfly phobia that causes you to have an irrational fear of those particular insects. If memory serves, it's called lepidopterophobia. But that's really not important right … Continue reading Instinct

Making a Donation

I have a standing appointment every other week with the local Red Cross. I go in, they take my temperature, check my pulse and blood pressure, then they shove a needle into each of my arms. Out of my right arm, they draw blood. They run it through a fancy machine that does some kind … Continue reading Making a Donation