My Favorite Movies #74 – Arrival

Arrival 2016 Directed by Denis Villeneuve Netflix says...┬áConfronted by a mass landing of alien vessels around the globe, military leaders seek the help of brilliant linguist Louise Banks in an effort to communicate with the extraterrestrials and determine their intentions. Have you seen this one? It is kind of brilliant. But it can also be … Continue reading My Favorite Movies #74 – Arrival

A Dater’s Guide to Disney Princesses: Giselle

Next on our list of Disney Princesses is another princess who does not make the official list of Disney Princesses. Giselle, from 2007's Enchanted, gets ignored for one simple reason: Disney doesn't want to pay Amy Adams every time her likeness could possibly be used for the Disney Princess line of merchandise. Could you imagine … Continue reading A Dater’s Guide to Disney Princesses: Giselle