Some Thoughts After Seeing The Boys

It’s funny… the shows I get into and the ones I avoid. I know that there are a ton of shows that I’ll see trailers for that I typically just forget about. It’s like I forget they exist. And it’s so hard to keep up with so many streaming services that are out there these days.

So when something like The Boys comes along and I completely forgot that I even have access to Amazon Prime… Suddenly three seasons have gone by and I haven’t seen a single episode. Even though I had people telling me that I should definitely watch it because it’s probably something I would really enjoy.

Well… that’s what people were saying to me throughout the first couple of seasons. Then the first episode of season three dropped. And I’m not going to give any spoilers here… but a friend of mine did describe the opening scene in graphic detail. If you know… you know.

So I thought… yeah… that might be a little too graphic for me. And I typically don’t mind the guts and gore that come along with these kinds of things. I am, after all, a Game of Thrones survivor.

But beyond my friend’s assessment of that first episode of the latest season, I kept hearing how good the show has been overall. My curiosity piqued. And I spent the last week or so bingeing all three seasons.

It’s not like The Boys was surprising with how violently graphic the show would be. They let you know right out the gate in that very first episode exactly what kind of content you are in for. Many of those moments are, I’m certain, inserted for pure shock value. And many scenes can be shocking. Like… leave your jaw on the floor shocking.

If you’re unaware, the premise is basically a world where super-heroes exist. But things aren’t squeaky clean like you find in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or even in DC’s latest movies. In this world, the heroes are a commodity. They are a business. The most powerful and popular among the heroes have no regard for human life. All that matters is their public image. How do they look on TV. Is their stock rising or falling?

The Boys, it turns out, is a covert group of individuals who work together with the goal of taking down the “supes,” believing that their unlimited power has gone unchecked for far too long.

It can be hard to know who to really root for in the show because so many of the main characters have so few redeeming qualities. Even the “good guys” are basically despicable human beings who will cross whatever moral or ethical line it takes to achieve their goals. I can probably count on one hand the number of characters on that show that I actually like.

I take that back… It’s not that I like those very few individuals. It’s that I hope they succeed because they are genuinely attempting to do the right thing at any cost. I like pretty much all the characters… but because of the way that they are written and played by the actors portraying them. Homelander (basically this reality’s indifferent version of Superman) is a scary individual and I am literally terrified every time he’s on screen simply because I have no idea what atrocious action he will perform next.

The Boys is definitely a fascinating take on the super-hero genre and I now look forward to the inevitable fourth season whenever it hits Prime.

Have you been keeping up with The Boys? What do you think of this incredibly graphic show? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments!


7 thoughts on “Some Thoughts After Seeing The Boys

  1. The Boys is a show that I hate admitting I watch, let alone admit that I enjoy watching; it’s a show that I’m not sure I would recommend to anyone (what’s wrong with your friends?). With that being said, we just have the season 3 finale to watch which might end up happening tonight… As far as what happened in the first ep. of sea. 3, I actually, out loud, predicted to my husband what might happened, it happened, and now I’ve somehow internally shamed myself for knowing that I could have written such atrocities. Just typing about it makes me want to take an internal bath and take a scrubby brush to my organs.

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    • Yeah… toward the end of this post I gave serious consideration to saying I absolutely cannot recommend that anyone watch this show if they haven’t already. I won’t be telling friends or family to watch it… though I will ask if they do to find out with whom I can discuss things once the next season drops.

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