Bloganuary the Twenty-Ninth

Welcome back to Bloganuary, the daily encouragement from WordPress for bloggers to post something each day. Today’s prompt asks: How are you changing the world?

I remember, as a kid, watching both the Winter and Summer Olympic Games and thinking… It’s too much to have both Olympics in the same year. It’s too much of a good thing. What if they staggered the games? That way we would get the Olympics every other year. The summer games would still be every four years, as would the winter games… they could just alternate and be on a staggered schedule. My dad suggested that I write my suggestion in a letter and send it to Juan Antonio Samaranch, who was then president of the International Olympic Committee. It was nerve-wracking, as an 11-year-old, to write a letter to someone of such international renown. I thought nothing would come of the letter, but I sent it anyway. Then, to my surprise, the 1992 Winter Games in Albertville, France were the last to be held in the same year as their summer counterparts. In 1994, the tradition began of having the Winter Olympics two years following the Summer Olympics. I had done it! I wrote a letter and changed the way the world held the Olympic Games.

I would also share a little about my role in global nuclear disarmament, but that has had varying degrees of success and failure.


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