Sunday Scribblings #89 – Handwriting

Each Wednesday I post a new prompt here at The Confusing Middle. Be as creative as you want with the prompt and post something over on your own blog. Then come back here and leave a comment with your link so that everyone can check out your post and see your take on this week’s prompt.

This Sunday is National Handwriting Day, so our prompt this week is Handwriting.

What do you think of when you see that word? What emotion does it invoke? What memory does it call back? What creativity does it inspire?

Be sure to encourage other bloggers to stop by and respond to the prompt. I look forward to seeing what you write!


6 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #89 – Handwriting

  1. Handwriting makes me think of my journal. I fill three A5 pages a day, a legacy of Julia Cameron’s morning pages. This is written in cursive script, and I like how it slows me down to write, rather than tapping away at a keyboard. The drag of the pen on paper, choosing a colour for the day – these steps are part of the ritual.

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