Rewatching Quantum Leap – Episode 30

Theorizing that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the quantum leap accelerator and vanished. He awoke to find himself trapped in the past, facing mirror images that were not his own, and driven by an unknown force to change history for the better. His only guide on this journey is Al, an observer from his own time who appears in the form of a hologram that only Sam can see and hear. And so, Dr. Beckett finds himself leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong, and hoping each time that his next leap will be the leap home.

Sea Bride

  • Sam leaps into someone whose legs seem a bit unsteady.
  • But he quickly discovers that’s because he’s on a ship at sea and he has a view of the Statue of Liberty.
  • Suddenly a woman in a wedding dress bursts into his cabin, calls him Philip, kisses him, then slaps him and asks him what he’s doing there.
  • June 3, 1954
  • They’re on board the Queen Mary and the woman in the white dress is Philip’s ex-wife, Catharine.
  • She thought he was dead… lost at sea after a sailing accident.
  • She’s about to marry Vincent on the ship tomorrow and before she can leave in a huff, her father bangs on the cabin door.
  • Catharine hides in the closet as Mr. Farrington threatens to break down the door.
  • He confronts Sam about leaving all those years ago and punches him in the face, bragging about being the Harvard boxing champion when he was a student.
  • Farrington says that Philip had not been willing to join his company and help pull it out of the red, which Vincent, apparently, is willing to do.
  • But Al arrives and makes it clear that Sam is there to stop Catharine from marrying Vinny the Viper…
  • Vincent is something of a disreputable businessman to say the least.
  • Farrington finally leaves and Catharine comes back out of the closet.
  • Al goes on to explain that in the original history, Philip was unable to stop the wedding and committed suicide.
  • Two years later, Catharine was so distraught that she died of a broken heart.
  • Before Catharine leaves, she tells Philip to jump off the ship and swim back to New York.
  • Al suggests that maybe that’s how Philip did himself in… jumping off the ship because of true love.
  • This leads to a conversation in which Sam finds it hard to believe that Al believes in true love.
  • Then Al says he did find true love once… he married the girl…
  • But when Sam asks what happened, Al deflects and gets back on the topic at hand.
  • There’s another knock at Sam’s door and it’s a little girl in a trench coat, hat, and sunglasses.
  • Al identifies her as Jennifer, Catharine’s little sister.
  • Jennifer reports that she overheard Vinny the Viper talking to his best man/henchman, saying that if he catches Philip anywhere near Catharine, he’s gonna cut him up and feed him to the fishes.
  • Starting to look like Philip never committed suicide but may have been secretly murdered by Vinny and/or his crony.
  • Jennifer pleas with Sam to get close to Catharine, knowing that the wedding has to be stopped or else she’ll be miserable for the rest of her life with Vinny.
  • Al suggests that Catharine is already still in love with Philip, but Sam has to convince her that Philip is still in love with her.
  • In Catharine’s room, she refuses to join everyone for dinner at the captain’s table.
  • Vincent begins to let some of his true colors shine through when he threatens to tear the door down.
  • Vinny makes a veiled threat toward Mr. Farrington if he’s not able to “get his women in line.”
  • Catharine emerges and her father tries to calmly convince her that marrying Vincent is the right thing to do…
  • Because Vincent is willing to buy out the family’s shipping business, which is going under.
  • He tries to convince her that she’ll learn to love Vincent… and she agrees to get ready for dinner.
  • But when Farrington is left alone, it’s clear he doesn’t believe a word of what he just told her.
  • Later, Sam is back in his cabin and Al asks why he’s there and not talking to Catharine.
  • He explains that she refuses to respond to anything he’s tried.
  • Jennifer has managed to get access to the swimming pool for Sam at midnight… but he can’t convince Catharine to meet him there unless he can get a minute alone with her.
  • Then Al thinks of a good way to get time alone with her despite being in a room full of people.
  • Sam arrives in the ball room and convinces Catharine to tango with him, much to Vincent’s displeasure.
  • Vinny tells his crony that he’s gonna kill him… then demands a gun.
  • The crony says he can’t give him a gun, especially not here.
  • Sam accomplishes his mission and talks Catharine into meeting him at the pool at midnight.
  • As Sam leaves the ballroom, he’s met by Vinny, who demands they go outside.
  • They have what passes for a conversation, but is really just a series of threats.
  • Just as Vinny is about to demand the gun to just kill Sam right then and there, the ship’s captain conveniently comes along.
  • This gives Sam the opportunity to use the captain as a distraction and Al arrives in time to help Sam explain how Philip survived being lost at sea.
  • When Sam is alone with the captain, he convinces him to cable a police lieutenant in New York to get proof of Vincent’s criminal record.
  • Back in Philip’s cabin, Al starts to go off about how horrible it is that the ship, at this moment, is dumping tons of garbage into the ocean.
  • I mean… he’s not wrong to be disgusted by the practice.
  • Jennifer arrives and spells out how the meeting should go and what Sam should say and do to convince Catharine to stop the wedding.
  • Then Jennifer heads back to convince Catharine to follow through with the pool meeting.
  • She finds Sam at the pool and they’ve discovered that the pool is empty.
  • Sam says he didn’t realize they drain the pool every night after 11:00.
  • Catharine allows Sam to speak his piece and when he asks her if she loves Vincent, she doesn’t give him an answer.
  • She goes on to explain that her marriage to Vinny is an obligation and he tries to convince her that no obligation should be worth marrying someone she doesn’t love.
  • Catharine admits that she loved Philip more than anyone else.
  • But after they share a kiss, she runs off and claims she doesn’t love him anymore.
  • Sam tries to chase after her, but as soon as he leaves the pool area, he’s grabbed by the crony at gunpoint.
  • The next day, as Catharine is getting ready, Jennifer rushes in crying that she can’t find Philip anywhere.
  • Mrs. Farrington tries to calm the girls and explains that she found herself in a similar situation when she married their father… that there was a man she was very much in love with who her father disapproved of.
  • But she’s certain that Philip is somewhere getting over Catharine as they speak.
  • Meanwhile, way below decks, Sam is hanging by his wrists over the garbage disposal.
  • Vincent arrives to cut the rope that’s hold him up, but leaves his hands bound before shoving him into the garbage below.
  • As they leave, Vinny has his crony push the button to dump the garbage into the sea.
  • Al arrives to once again lecture Sam about the pollution problem.
  • He suggests that Sam pile up some garbage to climb up to the platform so he can escape before he’s pushed into the ocean.
  • At the wedding, Farrington begins walking Catharine down the aisle and asks if she’s happy.
  • She says, “Of course.”
  • That’s a lie.
  • When all seems lost, Sam manages to get out in time and makes his way up to the ceremony.
  • But before Sam can arrive, Catharine objects to her own marriage.
  • He tells Vincent he can’t marry her…
  • Vinny tells Farrington he better have a talk with his daughter, but he decides to stand with Catharine.
  • Then Sam arrives and causes quite the scene, demanding that the captain place Vinny under arrest for attempted murder.
  • The captain tries to have both Sam and Vincent confined to quarters, but Vinny refuses to be confined and begins throwing punches.
  • Sam knocks out Vinny and Farrington knocks out the crony, once more mentioning his time as a boxer at Harvard.
  • Al shares the new future… Catharine and Philip have six kids together and Philip’s lost at sea story makes for a good murder mystery, which Jennifer winds up writing, providing the family with enough money to keep the shipping business afloat until the cruise industry makes a big comeback in the 1970s.
  • Then Sam leaps into what appears to be a hooker.
  • Seeing that he’s dressed as a woman, he complains…
  • Oh boy.

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