Rewatching Quantum Leap – Episode 29

Theorizing that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the quantum leap accelerator and vanished. He awoke to find himself trapped in the past, facing mirror images that were not his own, and driven by an unknown force to change history for the better. His only guide on this journey is Al, an observer from his own time who appears in the form of a hologram that only Sam can see and hear. And so, Dr. Beckett finds himself leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong, and hoping each time that his next leap will be the leap home.

Maybe Baby

  • Sam has leapt into a man named Buster.
  • At least, that’s what the woman at the bottom of the ladder calls him as she tells him to hurry up and bring down the basket.
  • She says they need to get out of there before Reed catches them.
  • Sam puts the basket in the bed of the getaway pick up truck and the woman asks him what he’s thinking before grabbing the basket and bringing it to the front with her.
  • As they drive away, a man runs out of the house calling after Bunny, which is apparently the woman’s name.
  • It’s only a this point that Sam realizes the basket has a baby girl in it.
  • So… is Sam now a kidnapper? An accessory to kidnapping?
  • March 11, 1963
  • Still heading down the road, Bunny sings to the baby and seems super happy about their situation.
  • Sam is pretty concerned about the crime they just committed.
  • He’s questioning the situation and Bunny reminds him that he promised to help her and Christy (the baby).
  • She hands Sam a map and he figures out that they’re currently in Texas and heading to New Mexico.
  • Bunny says that’s where Christy’s Auntie Margaret lives and where they’ll be safe.
  • Back at Reed’s house, he gives the report to the sheriff and a deputy, who reveals that Bunny is a stripper.
  • Reed hired her as a nanny for a time and, in that time, Bunny apparently became obsessed with Christy because she wanted a baby of her own.
  • Sam and Bunny check into a roadside motel and she leaves Sam with the baby while she goes to the store to get some milk.
  • Of course, as soon as Bunny leaves, Christy starts crying, making Sam incredibly uncomfortable.
  • Sam finally gets a look in the mirror and assumes that his size is what’s scaring Christy.
  • But then Al arrives and reminds Sam that the baby sees Sam for who he really is and can see Al, too.
  • Bunny’s real name is Thelma Lou Dickey and she works a the Girls A Go-Go Lounge where Buster is a bouncer.
  • According to Ziggy, there’s a 75.6% chance that Sam is there to return Christy to her father, Reed.
  • Bunny led Sam to believe that she and Reed were once married… but Al lets him know that was a lie and that Bunny is not Christy’s mother.
  • Originally, Bunny and Buster are picked up by highway patrol and Reed gets the baby back while they get extended jailtime.
  • Sam argues that he can’t be there just to get reduced sentences for Bunny and Buster and there must be something they’re missing about Christy.
  • When Al leaves, Sam confronts Bunny about Christy, asking whose baby she is.
  • He stops her from going out to the truck to avoid the conversation, which triggers some PTSD and she cries, begging him not to hit her.
  • She apologizes for lying, afraid that if she told her the truth that he wouldn’t help her get Christy back to her real mother in Clayton, New Mexico.
  • When Bunny was working for Reed, he told her that Christy’s mother died in childbirth, but she discovered a letter from the real mother begging Reed to bring her baby back.
  • She called Christy’s mother and when Reed walked in, he began beating Bunny.
  • Bunny couldn’t let Christy grow up in the care of a man who would turn out to be physically abusive toward her.
  • Elsewhere, Reed is riding with the sheriff in pursuit of Bunny and Buster, telling them that Bunny was always talking about going back to her parents’ place in New Mexico.
  • As they continue driving, Sam insists that they stop and get a car seat to keep Christy safe while they travel.
  • At the store, Sam catches Bunny in another lie about having a sister… or not…
  • Al shows up and asks if he still believes her.
  • Sam gets Al to do a search for Margaret Dalton, Reed’s ex-wife, in Clayton… but there’s nothing.
  • The only info Al has is that Reed’s wife died in childbirth when Christy was born.
  • Unfortunately, this shopping trip is cut short when Reed and the sheriff pull up next to Buster’s truck parked outside.
  • Al directs them out the back of the store and Sam asks Bunny for whatever cash she has.
  • Sam sees some guys working on a car and buys it for $210.
  • Wish I could buy a car for $210…
  • They make their getaway…
  • But then the kid who sold the car comes out to see what all the commotion is about on the street and realizes he sold his car to the guy that the police are looking for.
  • As Sam keeps driving, he notices that Christy is wheezing some when she breathes and thinks she could be asthmatic.
  • Bunny doesn’t think so, even though she allegedly took care of Christy every day for six months.
  • The only doctor they’re able to find locally is a veterinarian who suggests that they head back to Abilene, where they just fled from…
  • Sam decides to treat Christy by giving her coffee, saying that the caffeine would act as a bronchodilator… but claims that was the order from the vet.
  • Back on the road, Sam realizes they’ll need to get some more gas if they want to make it to New Mexico, but Bunny reveals they don’t have any more money.
  • So they stop at a roadside bar that happens to have a talent competition going on.
  • Bunny does what she does best and wins the money they need to finish their road trip.
  • Just as she gets the prize money, Reed and the sheriff walk in, guns drawn.
  • Sam tries to argue for why they’re taking Christy back to New Mexico, but Reed again claims his wife died in childbirth.
  • Reed also reveals that Bunny never took care of Christy… the only one she took care of was him.
  • Bunny tears up and tries to tell Sam that she just didn’t want him to know that she dated Reed.
  • Sam thinks Bunny has been lying about everything, but Al says he’s here now to let him know that Bunny’s been telling the truth.
  • Ziggy was able to do a proper search and found Christy’s real mother in Clayton.
  • Sam and Bunny decide to resist arrest and make a run for it, stealing the sheriff’s car.
  • Reed shows his true colors, stealing a car to go after Bunny and Sam.
  • In the car, Al reveals that Reed was disbarred in New Mexico and is wanted for scamming a bunch of people out of their money.
  • Since Reed is hot on their tail, Bunny decides to get on the police radio and gives them Margaret’s address so they can show up and arrest Reed.
  • The Clayton police arrive and recognize Reed as Reed Cole, his real name, arresting him for all the charges against him.
  • Margaret divorced Reed and had sole custody of Christy, but Reed kidnapped the baby and took her to Texas.
  • Bunny wants to have one more night with Christy, but Sam convinces her that the right thing to do is to give her to her real mother.
  • It’s hard for her, but Bunny hands the baby over to Margaret and Sam leaps…
  • …Into the professor from the “Star-Crossed” episode.
  • Oh boy… another rerun…

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