Rewatching Quantum Leap – Episode 26

Theorizing that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the quantum leap accelerator and vanished. He awoke to find himself trapped in the past, facing mirror images that were not his own, and driven by an unknown force to change history for the better. His only guide on this journey is Al, an observer from his own time who appears in the form of a hologram that only Sam can see and hear. And so, Dr. Beckett finds himself leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong, and hoping each time that his next leap will be the leap home.

Good Night, Dear Heart

  • Sam leaps in and has a gold locket dangling in front of his face.
  • A police officer is holding the locket, asking Sam what he makes of it.
  • Specifically, he’s asking about the engraving in German on the back.
  • Sam is able to translate: “My love forever.”
  • He opens the locket to find a family portrait and the cop says the little girl must be her.
  • Then the officer points behind Sam to her
  • Referring to the woman’s corpse.
  • November 9, 1957
  • Sam is Melvin Spooner, a mortician in Riven Rock, Massachusetts.
  • The assumption is that this dead woman drowned herself in a suicide.
  • Greg Truesdale and his father arrive and positively ID the girl as Hilla, a girl who worked as a desk clerk for Mr. Truesdale.
  • Sam believes that Hilla means more to Greg than he was able to let on… at least in front of his father, Roger.
  • Alone, Sam goes through some of Hilla’s belongings and, while thumbing through her passport, he seems to have a vision of Hilla sitting by a lake or river.
  • Picking up the locket again, a woman’s voice identifies it as belonging to Hilla’s mother.
  • The woman says she was a friend of Hilla and begins crying upon seeing her friend lying on the examining table.
  • She runs off in tears and Sam chases her, offering to give her a ride, but she refuses.
  • Al arrives and is immediately creeped out when he appears in a coffin.
  • Sam tells Al he may not need him on this leap because he arrived too late to save Hilla.
  • Ziggy still doesn’t know why Sam is here and has no real info on Hilla other than her date of death by suicide.
  • Sam realizes that Hilla killed herself on her 19th birthday.
  • Then Sam takes a closer look at Hilla and finds what looks like a bullet wound near her temple.
  • But there’s no exit wound, meaning the bullet must still be in her head somewhere.
  • Sam determines he needs to find the bullet as it may be their only evidence of this being a murder, rather than a suicide.
  • Later, Sam was unable to find a bullet, which doesn’t make a lot of sense… entry wound, no exit wound… like the bullet just vanished.
  • Sam is still convinced that Hilla was murdered and is certain that he’s here to solve the crime.
  • The next day he heads to the Truesdale Lodge and asks Greg where her room is, saying he needs to find a dress to bury her in.
  • When Sam asks Greg if he loved her, Greg just says that everyone loved Hilly…
  • In Hilla’s room, Sam turns on a record while he snoops around a bit.
  • He finds her diary and reads some entries where she shares her thoughts about a movie, Greg taking her out, and, in her final entry, vaguely writing of someone she could see herself falling in love with.
  • Stephanie, Hilla’s friend, shows up and isn’t thrilled that Sam has just made himself at home by reading Hilla’s diary.
  • She explains that she and Hilla had begun making plans to leave for New York together, where Hilla would become a model and Stephanie would be the photographer.
  • When Stephanie says she still can’t believe Hilla would take her own life, Sam reveals his theory that she was murdered.
  • Sam asks if she knows of anyone who could have done it, but Stephanie says the same thing that Greg said… everyone loved Hilly.
  • Then she thinks some more, revealing that Roger fired Hilla after her fling with Greg.
  • As Stephanie leaves, she suggests burying Hilla in her blue dress.
  • Al arrives and Sam reveals what he’s discovered, including a paper that fell out of Hilla’s diary, which indicated that Hilla was pregnant.
  • Sam convinces the police to search the lake near the dock for a gun, buying him another day before he’ll be forced to bury Hilla.
  • When the beautician comes to do Hilla’s make up and hair, Sam realizes he left the dress in Hilla’s room.
  • He goes back and winds up watching home movies on a projector, asking Al how a girl with that much life could kill herself.
  • Al says that in 1957 a single woman who got pregnant would be an outcast.
  • But Sam isn’t convinced that she could kill herself.
  • Sam and Lyle, the police officer, stand at the dock and watch as divers find nothing in the lake.
  • It’s here that Sam reveals to Lyle that Hilla was pregnant and they both know who the father was.
  • They confront the Truesdales about Hilla’s pregnancy, but there’s enough from the two of them to refute some of Sam’s accusations.
  • Later, Sam has Al look into some of the people that he’s encountered during this leap and they discover that Aggie, the beautician, is going to be arrested in six years for performing an illegal abortion.
  • When Sam confronts Aggie, she admits that Hilla came to her, accompanied by Roger Truesdale, but that Hilla couldn’t go through with it.
  • Back at the mortuary, Sam tells Lyle he wants Roger arrested for Hilla’s murder, but he refuses…
  • There’s no weapon, no bullet, no witnesses… Not enough evidence to hold Truesdale.
  • Lyle insists that Sam rule the death a suicide and get Hilla ready for burial.
  • Sam has no choice but to follow orders and gets Hilla ready… but notices something strange when he goes to put on her shoes.
  • He then gathers everyone involved in Hilla’s room and shows the home movies he had been watching earlier.
  • Greg admits to shooting the footage they’re watching of Hilla playing next to the lake.
  • Sam says that he believes Hilla was murdered and at first, thought that the wound had been made by a gunshot or an arrow…
  • But neither of those work out, eliminating Roger and Greg, who is a champion archer.
  • Then the film gets to the part where Hilla is wearing a Statue of Liberty outfit on a boat… film that is clearly shot by someone who knows what they’re doing.
  • Stephanie denies filming that portion of the film…
  • Then Sam points out that Hilla ended things with Stephanie on the 4th of July because she had fallen in love with Greg.
  • Stephanie continues to deny everything, trying to get away…
  • But then Sam pulls out the shoe, which is not Hilla’s size… but fits Stephanie perfectly.
  • Stephanie then says that even if the shoe fits, it doesn’t prove she killed Hilla.
  • Then Sam uses the pointed heel to make a hole in the wall, equivalent to the wound in Hilla’s head.
  • Stephanie still loved her but her anger drove her to murder in a crime of passion.
  • Some time later, Sam stands by Hilla’s grave as a digger finishes covering the coffin with dirt.
  • Kind of looks like no one came to the funeral… though I don’t know of any grave diggers who fill in the grave while funeral attendees are still around.
  • Sam doesn’t feel like he did any good for Hilla and asks Al why he hasn’t leaped.
  • Al suggests he may just need to say good-bye.
  • Sam places a bouquet of flowers on Hilla’s grave before finally leaping…
  • …Into an old man playing pool… with significant money on the line.
  • Oh boy.

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