This Year’s A-Z Challenge

Is it April already? Wow… I remember when March was the month that just crawled by. Seems like it was just last year…

Anyway, I’ve participated in the April A-Z Challenge for the last two years and I seriously debated whether or not I wanted to do so this year. After all, I’ve been on a really great streak for well over a year and I kind of have a lot of plans for just about every day of blogging. Do I really want to add another unnecessary challenge to my schedule? I’ve been blogging daily anyway. This means that most days will see two posts per day, should I decide to participate.

What the heck, right? I can sleep when I’m dead…

I didn’t stick to the A-Z Challenge schedule like I have for the last couple years. And by that I mean I didn’t do my big theme reveal in the middle of March like a lot of participants did. Not that there are any A-Z Challenge cops who are waiting to bust me for not following along with their schedule.

In 2019, my theme was Movies. That’s it… just Movies. My only rule was that the movies I watched and posted about could not be something from either the AFI Top 100 list or my Personal Top 100 list. In 2020, my theme was Disney Movies. For that one, I chose to watch and post about movies not found on either of the above lists, but must also be found on Disney+. I had to fudge the thing when I got to X because none of the X-Men films were available on Disney+ at that time. So I went with the first episode of the ’90s X-Men animated series. A worthy substitution if you ask me.

This year, I really don’t have the time or patience to watch a different movie every day. I wish I did. Last year it was easy to watch a new movie every day because I was working from home at that point so I had all kinds of extra time on my hands. 2021 is a little different. So my theme this time around is DC Comics. This means that each post that coincides with the A-Z Challenge will somehow be related to the DC Universe.

DC Comics are the comics that raised me. I grew up reading and collecting titles featuring Superman (duh), Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Justice League. And those just scratch the surface of my overall obsession with the DC Universe. I’m not sure how these posts will turn out. I’m not sure how entertaining they will be. I’m not even sure how informative they will be. But I am going to do my very best.

So come back later for my first post that will correspond with the letter A.


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