Rewatching Angel – Episode 108

Welcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

The Girl in Question

  • Gunn clearly has a problem with Angel’s recent policies.
  • But Gunn is trying to get Angel and/or Spike to go to Italy to take care of a dead demon who needs to be revived in a short period of time.
  • Angel really wants to pawn it off on Spike… but then he gets a mysterious phone call.
  • When he hangs up, Spike asks what the issue is and Angel just says, “It’s Buffy…”
  • Always with the Slayer…
  • Angel is ready to fly to Rome because the Immortal has been spotted near Buffy’s most recent location.
  • They think this is connected to the dead demon… the Immortal could have killed the demon to lure Angel to Rome.
  • Kill the Slayer, the vampire with a soul, and cause a demon war in the process.
  • Spike refuses to let Angel go alone, so they fly out on Wolfram & Hart’s private jet.
  • They reminisce about their last time in Italy together and we get a flashback to 1894.
  • Apparently the Immortal had the two of them chained up in some kind of “room of pain.”
  • The Immortal sends a human lackey to release them with apologies for their treatment, but it was necessary since they were interfering in the Immortal’s dealings.
  • Once he’s free, Angelus snaps the lackey’s neck then threatens two guards with crossbows, scaring them off.
  • Angelus and Spike return to where they were staying with Darla and Drucilla and find Darla unconscious…
  • Back in present day L.A., Illyria laments the fact that she can no longer communicate with plants.
  • Wes and Lorne talk about how she has less power but is still unpredictable as Illyria heads to the lab.
  • Suddenly, they’re surprised by a visit from Fred’s parents… and Illyria looks on from the above floor.
  • In Rome, Spike and Angel go to Buffy’s apartment only to find Andrew crashing there.
  • Andrew is wearing a StrongBad t-shirt which is so freakin’ awesome.
  • He reveals that Buffy just left to meet with the Immortal… then he reveals that Buffy and the Immortal are pretty much dating.
  • In the past, Angelus wakes Darla to discover that she was unconscious after an evening of lust with the Immortal.
  • Then Drucilla walks in and it’s clear she was part of the evening’s activities.
  • Angelus and Spike are terribly jealous and they swear blood vengeance against the Immortal.
  • Back in the present, Angel and Spike are still complaining about the Immortal when they go to pick up the head of the demon that needs to be reborn in L.A.
  • Then they go back to Buffy’s to see if she’s back yet.
  • She’s not.
  • In L.A., the Burkles visit with Wes while he struggles with what to tell them about Fred.
  • But then she just walks in like Fred hasn’t been dead all these weeks.
  • Angel and Spike visit the nightclub where Buffy apparently hangs with the Immortal.
  • The bartender points out Buffy and the Immortal on the dance floor from a distance…
  • While they’re distracted, the demon butler from the beheaded demon’s home swipes the demon’s head.
  • When Angel and Spike try to stop him, they’re stopped by a trio of very large men.
  • We’re treated to a slow motion fight in the club, which allows the butler demon to escape.
  • The butler steals Angel’s car, so Spike steals a Vespa that they are forced to ride together.
  • But then the butler really gets away.
  • They decide that the priority is to get the head back so they can avoid a demon war in L.A.
  • And then they go back to the club to ask the bartender about Buffy again.
  • They get hypothetical, deciding that if they were back in L.A., they’d have their Wolfram & Hart resources at their disposal and could easily take out the Immortal.
  • Then they remember that Wolfram & Hart has an office in Rome.
  • And it looks exactly like the one in L.A.
  • Bet that saved money on building sets, huh?
  • “Fred” and Wes give the Burkles a tour and leads them to her office.
  • Wes asks what she’s doing once they’re out of earshot and Illyria says that since his grief is so terrible, she couldn’t stand it from the parents as well.
  • Illyria makes it clear she can easily alter her appearance to look however she wants.
  • Angel and Spike meet with Ilona, the head of the Roman office, trying to figure out why Buffy is with the Immortal, but it’s clear there’s no magic involved.
  • Ilona tries to get them back on mission because the demon head is way more important, then she provides them with the necessary bribe money to get the head back.
  • “Fred” says bye to her parents and they leave in the elevator.
  • Wes asks if Illyria got what she needed from that experience then demands that she never appear as Fred again.
  • After some unnecessary fisticuffs, Spike and Angel trade the money for the demon head.
  • But then they discover that the bag no longer holds a head…
  • It’s a bomb.
  • Spike’s trademark coat is shredded…
  • Ilona is able to provide him with an identical coat, so that’s a plus.
  • She laughs about the bombing, saying they do that to first-timers, and she’ll take care of it from here.
  • So Angel and Spike decide to head back home.
  • But instead they get back to Buffy’s and ask Andrew if anything has been wrong with her.
  • Andrew says they shouldn’t worry about the Immortal… but the point is that Buffy is moving on and they need to do the same.
  • Then they really do fly back to L.A.
  • “Fred” heads into Wesley’s office and Illyria doesn’t understand why he’s not embracing this change in her.
  • Wes tells her that seeing Illyria like this sickens her… it’s a lie.
  • He tells her never to take Fred’s likeness again then walks away.
  • Illyria transforms back and says, “As you wish.”
  • If I learned anything from The Princess Bride, that really means she loves him.
  • Angel and Spike arrive and tell Gunn to prepare for war since they lost the head.
  • But he informs Angel that the head is in his office…
  • And it has a note attached with regards from the Immortal.
  • Body count: Humans – 1

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