Rewatching Angel – Episode 105

Welcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • Angel sits alone at his conference room table and none of his team is joining him.
  • Harmony gives the catch up exposition…
  • Wes is babysitting Illyria… Gunn is still in the hospital… Lorne is still MIA since Fred died…
  • Then Spike arrives for his first official staff meeting as part of the team.
  • But he’s not taking it too seriously, opening a beer that he pulled from his briefcase.
  • Angel remembers his first encounter with Fred… “Handsome man saved me from the monsters.”
  • He’s second guessing their decision to join Wolfram & Hart again.
  • He also doesn’t want to wait for the Senior Partners to enact whatever plan they have for him.
  • So Angel and Spike visit Eve again, but she’s less than cooperative.
  • They threaten to reveal her location to the Senior Partners if she doesn’t help them out.
  • Suddenly the room begins to shake and the magical symbols that are hiding her disappear.
  • Eve begs Angel to protect her just before the door is smashed in revealing Adam Baldwin.
  • New player in town.
  • He scans the empty room.
  • Lorne drowns his sorrows in a bar where a demon bartender sings to him to find out if his girlfriend is going to say yes to his proposal.
  • He gives him good news… but then monologues about his own misery since Fred’s death.
  • But he’s going to pretend like he’s okay and head back into the belly of the beast because that’s what he does.
  • Angel, Spike, and Eve arrive back at the office and Harmony is told to beef up security and be on the look out for this new guy.
  • Then Angel visits Gunn in his hospital bed, needing to know if there’s a way he can protect Eve.
  • Gunn doesn’t feel up to lawyering right now, but Angel reminds him that he paid a high price for that brain, so he needs to use it.
  • Gunn then lets Angel know about something in his contract that should work and he’ll make a call to make sure he’s able to protect Eve with it.
  • Angel then reminds Gunn that he’s bothered by what he did because he’s a good man and that there’s no end of second chances where atonement is concerned, so he has to seize every one that comes along.
  • Wes is having a conversation with Fred…
  • Uh… what?
  • Oh… dream…
  • Illyria then points out that he’s been sitting for a long time, that he drank a lot of that poison and called her names meant to hurt feelings she no longer has.
  • She and Wes are both disappointed with this world, so she asks why he doesn’t leave.
  • Eve begins revealing what exactly she is… a child of the Senior Partners, created to do their bidding.
  • So she’s immortal?
  • Unfortunately, she doesn’t have access to the Senior Partners’ secrets, claiming it’s locked away in her head but she doesn’t have the key.
  • Then she tells Angel that he gave the Senior Partners the one person who knows more about the Senior Partners than anyone else in this dimension.
  • Eve is convinced that Lindsey is still alive somewhere because the Senior Partners would want him to suffer unspeakable horrors day after day.
  • Cut to Lindsey waking up in bed next to a beautiful wife and a kid who jumps onto the bed to say good morning.
  • Yeah… looks like torture.
  • Lindsey steps outside to get the newspaper at the exact same time as every other dad in the neighborhood before returning to all of their identical homes.
  • He’s wearing a distinctive necklace that must mean something…
  • Spike points out that there are countless hell dimensions, so they have to figure out which one he’s in before they can figure out how to pull him out.
  • Lindsey is helping his son with his homework when his wife tells him the oven light has gone out and asks him to get a new bulb from the basement.
  • Lindsey really doesn’t want to go down into the basement.
  • But she insists, so he slowly makes his way down the stairs.
  • According to Gunn, Lindsey isn’t in hell, he’s in a Wolfram & Hart holding dimension.
  • Angel, Spike, and Gunn take a special Camaro through the tunnel from Back to the Future Part II, coming out in Lindsey’s suburban neighborhood.
  • Gunn warns that they’ll have to face something called The Wrath if they want to get back out.
  • Wes tries to encourage Illyria to leave this world since she actually has the power to do so.
  • She’s starts to flip out, claiming everything here is too small… that her face isn’t her face…
  • So Wes tells her to come with him.
  • As if it’s Groundhog Day, Lindsey relives the going out to get the paper scene.
  • The Camaro pulls up and Gunn gets out, scaring Angel and Spike because of the bright sunshine…
  • But it’s a different dimension… so no bursting into flames.
  • They ring the doorbell and the Mrs. opens up.
  • Lindsey has no idea who they are.
  • He also has no memory if his previous life.
  • Lindsey thinks these guys are pulling a prank on him, and it’s not funny.
  • Meanwhile, Eve is freaking out, wondering why it’s taking so long.
  • Lorne tries to calm her down saying that no one can get in the building without Angel’s say so.
  • Then the alarms start blaring.
  • Eve, Lorne, and Harmony watch as Adam Baldwin gets off the elevator and punches a hole straight through the sternum of a security guard.
  • So the new guy is super strong… awesome.
  • Lindsey insists that our guys leave his house, but Angel recognizes that the necklace must have something to do with whatever spell Lindsey’s under.
  • Angel rips it off Lindsey’s neck and he remembers everything.
  • Then his fake wife comes in with a machine gun shooting at everyone.
  • Angel fights while the others try to get Lindsey out to the car… except the car is gone.
  • The guy driving the ice cream truck and the mailman start shooting, too, driving everyone back inside the house, where the kid has now joined the firefight.
  • Gunn reminds them about facing The Wrath, so Lindsey leads them to the basement, warning them that they’re gonna day.
  • Angel says not today… but Lindsey says every day.
  • Adam Baldwin strolls into Angel’s office like he didn’t just punch through a guy and Harmony tries to fight him.
  • He shrugs her off like she’s nothing while Lorne and Eve take Angel’s private elevator away from the office.
  • Down in Lindsey’s basement is a torture chamber…
  • …Where Spike finds a pile of human hearts.
  • They all belong to Lindsey.
  • A huge demon emerges from the dark of the basement and fights Spike and Angel while Gunn tries to guard Lindsey.
  • Gunn decides to put on Lindsey’s necklace, knowing the whole time that for one to leave, another has to stay.
  • This opens the door for the others to escape.
  • Lorne and Eve emerge in the garage and get ready to leave in one of the cars, then Angel, Spike, and Lindsey fall on top of the car.
  • Lorne warns them about the guy upstairs, who then storms his way into the garage.
  • Eve pleads with the guy, asking him to tell the Senior Partners it’s a mistake.
  • He pulls out a pen and a contract that she knows she has to sign.
  • He introduces himself as Marcus Hamilton, the new liaison to the Senior Partners.
  • Eve signs away her duties as liaison and her immortality.
  • Elsewhere, Illyria and Wes continue their conversation on the roof of Fred’s apartment building.
  • She fears that if she went to any other dimension in her current form, she would be prey to those she once knew.
  • Angel’s ready to get some answers from Lindsey about the Senior Partners’ plan.
  • Lindsey tells him that the apocalypse is here, right under their noses the whole time.
  • He points out that heroes don’t accept the world the way it is, the way they’ve been doing since they’ve been at Wolfram & Hart.
  • Everything they’ve done is a distraction… keeping them from fighting the bad guys.
  • Lindsey points out the war is happening and he’s down two soldiers already.
  • Back in that pocket dimension, Gunn helps his son with his homework and his wife asks him to get a bulb from the basement…
  • Body count: Humans – 1

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