Rewatching Angel – Episode 103

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A Hole in the World

  • I’m really not looking forward to this episode.
  • If you know, you know.
  • If you don’t… then you’ll know by the time we get to the end.
  • We begin with Fred back home in Texas, packing up and getting ready to move to Los Angeles for the first time.
  • This is pre-Pylea, pre-Team Angel, pre-Wolfram & Hart…
  • She promises her parents that she’ll be careful while she’s in school… she’ll even be boring.
  • Cut to the present, where she’s wielding a flamethrower as she and Wes take out a nest of parasitic demon hatchlings.
  • They flirt and kiss… until Angel and Spike walk in, arguing about their part in the fight.
  • In the lab, a ginormous sarcophagus looking thing is delivered and Knox is there to receive it.
  • He asks if he needs to sign for it, but the delivery guy says it’s already been signed for.
  • Gunn is unnaturally cheerful and Wes notices…
  • So Gunn decides to mess with him a little and pretends that he and Fred are getting back together and lays it on thick.
  • But he’s just kidding and lets him know that he’s good with Wes and Fred getting together.
  • In other news, Gunn has figured out where Lindsay McDonald was staying before the Senior Partners yanked him out of this dimension.
  • Wes tells him he should let Angel know, but he doesn’t want to go into Angel’s office right now.
  • Because Spike and Angel are having an epic argument.
  • About who would win in a fight: astronauts or cavemen?
  • Down in the lab, Fred is checking out the sarcophagus…
  • Knox brings up Fred and Wes seeing each other and wants to make it clear he’s okay with it, even though he had previously expressed interest.
  • Fred gets back to the object and seems entranced by a purple stone embedded in it.
  • When she touches the stone, a part of the lid opens up and air whooshes out and into her face, causing her to cough and catch her breath.
  • But, otherwise, she seems okay…
  • Back upstairs, Angel tells Spike it may be time for him to move on.
  • His thought is that Lindsay brought Spike back as a spirit bound to Wolfram & Hart long enough for him to become attached.
  • Then when he became corporeal again, Spike was so attached that he wouldn’t want to leave.
  • Now that Lindsay’s shenanigans have been exposed, Angel wants to provide Spike with an expense account to go and fight the good fight anywhere he wants.
  • Fred and Lorne are discussing the astronauts vs. cavemen thing when they run into Wes.
  • She’s just coming from medical where she got the all clear from the mummy dust she may have inhaled.
  • Wes talks about taking her out on a date and Lorne pretty much tells them to get a room.
  • As he’s walking away, he starts singing the chorus to “You Are My Sunshine.”
  • But when Fred continues the line while looking happily at Wesley, Lorne turns with a look of horror on his face.
  • Whatever he read in Fred’s song is very not good…
  • Immediately she coughs up blood and begins convulsing.
  • Fred wakes up in a bed surrounded by the entire team, plus Knox.
  • Knox says they’re examining the sarcophagus, so whatever it is, they’ll figure it out soon.
  • When they get away from Fred, Angel reveals that the doctor said it’s a parasitic agent working it’s way through her.
  • Her organs are cooking.
  • Knox doesn’t know where the sarcophagus came from… Gunn says he’ll check the White Room to see if the Senior Partners have anything to do with this.
  • In the White Room, Gunn encounters… himself.
  • He’s the new conduit to the Senior Partners.
  • Gunn says they can’t let this happen to Fred, but the conduit isn’t playing around.
  • Gunn offers his own life for Fred’s… but the conduit says he’s got him already, then proceeds to beat the crap out of him.
  • Lorne, Angel, and Spike go to Lindsay’s place and find Eve hiding out.
  • Lorne winds up being the intimidating one, insisting that Eve sing…
  • He says she’s clean, but her future’s not too bright.
  • Then she drops the info that if the sarcophagus isn’t in Wolfram & Hart’s records… well, there’s nothing that’s not in the records.
  • That means it’s older than Wolfram & Hart… the Old Ones.
  • The Old Ones were laid to rest in the Deeper Well and this thing that has Fred is an Old One called Illyria.
  • It’s trying to claw its way back into the world.
  • Wes says that if something gets out of the Deeper Well, it can be drawn back from the source.
  • That’s the shot at saving Fred.
  • Angel and Spike hop a plane for England and the entrance to the Deeper Well.
  • Fred takes it upon herself to leave her hospital bed and return to the lab to work the problem.
  • Wes tries to get her back to bed but she insists that she is not the damsel in distress.
  • She didn’t spend five years in a cave to be cut down by a demon flu.
  • Wes catches her as she nearly passes out and then she asks him to take her home and to bring one of the books that can be any book.
  • Watching Wes and Fred together like this is so heartbreaking.
  • They’ve finally found each other… only to be torn apart.
  • Angel and Spike arrive at the entrance to the deeper well and fight a horde of demon knights.
  • I lost track of how many they killed.
  • Gunn and Knox are in the lab trying to find a solution and Knox starts to talk about how he feels about Fred…
  • But then he lets slip that he practically worships it. Not her.
  • Back at the Deeper Well, Angel and Spike finish fighting the horde and a guy named Drogyn emerges from the entrance.
  • He and Angel know each other and, for some reason, Drogyn really doesn’t want to be asked any questions.
  • But he knows they’re there about Illyria.
  • Angel tells Spike he doesn’t like questions because he can’t lie.
  • Back in the lab, Knox reveals that he worships Illyria and chose Fred to be its vessel.
  • He also tells Gunn that Angel won’t save Fred…
  • Meaning he won’t fail… he’s just going to let her die.
  • Drogyn lets us know that the Old Ones were pure demons that would battle each other the same way we breathe.
  • They are interred in the Deeper Well and Illyria’s coffin disappeared a month ago.
  • Angel wants to know how that could happen and Drogyn just shows them that the coffins he looks after are not few.
  • The Deeper Well is packed with coffins and it extends all the way through the center of the earth to come out the other side.
  • Drogyn thinks that Illyria must have had some kind of escape plan and that after millions of years, it still has accolytes.
  • One of whom is Knox…
  • Who now reveals that the coffin got stuck in customs and Gunn is the one who signed for the coffin to get through… so he could have his permanent brain boost.
  • Gunn, wracked with guilt and rage, attacks Knox, bludgeoning him with some pretty heavy metal equipment.
  • Fred is in so much pain that Wes tries to give her an injection of morphine…
  • But her skin is too hard and the needle breaks.
  • Drogyn lets our guys know that the ability to draw Illyria back to the Deeper Well is within reach, but it’s a different story now that he knows Illyria has been released and is in Fred.
  • They can still draw Illyria back, but it will pull it out of Fred and into every person between LA and the Deeper Well.
  • Illyria will be the equivalent of an airborne infection.
  • If they save Fred, hundreds of thousands of people would die in agony as Illyira fights to keep itself from returning to the Deeper Well.
  • That’s why Knox said that Angel won’t save her…
  • Drogyn goes to prepare the spell necessary, leaving the choice up to Angel.
  • Then Angel says, “To hell with the world.”
  • Fred and Wesley’s scenes are still heartbreaking.
  • Great acting from Amy Acker and Alexis Densiof, by the way.
  • She asks him if he’d have loved her… and he tells her he’s loved her since he’s known her.
  • She dies in his arms, asking, “Why can’t I stay?”
  • Then her body convulses and kicks Wesley away.
  • She stands, transformed…
  • She looks at her hands and states, “This will do.”
  • I cried. Did you cry? No shame in it…
  • I was crying halfway through the episode.
  • Body count: Demon Knights – Lots; Humans – 1

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