Rewatching Angel – Episode 101

Welcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

Why We Fight

  • Somewhere in the Atlantic in 1943…
  • The men on board a submarine are being brutally attacked and killed bloody.
  • In the present, Team Angel meets about recent events.
  • Eve has vanished and is completely off the grid.
  • According to Gunn, Lindsey should be boiling in his own filth by now.
  • When Angel asks if they can find out for sure what’s going on with Lindsey, Gunn points out that the White Room is still empty and their former liaison to the Senior Partners is now missing.
  • He mentions a way to find a new liaison… but then he begins tripping over his words.
  • Unusual for Gunn since receiving the entirety of the law in his brain.
  • As the team breaks up for the night, the elevator opens to an empty lobby.
  • And out steps a man who we now recognize as one of the men on the sub in ’43.
  • Hasn’t aged a day…
  • Fred finds him nosing through some of her files in the lab.
  • He knows her name and begins asking if she enjoys her work there.
  • He warns Fred not to run because he’d hate to have to stop her… then tells her he’s really there to see Angel.
  • He and Angel were acquaintances back during Angel’s more patriotic days.
  • We flash back to ’43 again.
  • Angel is enjoying some alone time when a group of government types burst into his apartment armed with the kind of weapons you need to take down a vampire.
  • So the U.S. government was keeping tabs on the vampire with a soul back in the ’40s?
  • They want him to help the Navy out with the problem they’re having with the submarine.
  • It’s too deep for human divers to access, but a vampire would have no problem accessing the vessel.
  • The sub is a German U-boat that the Americans were able to take control of.
  • They didn’t count on the Germans having monsters on board.
  • On the sub, the Americans have a Nazi officer hostage and try to get him to spill about whatever the monsters are.
  • Only the Nazi doesn’t speak the English.
  • Then they hear some thudding on the outer hull.
  • Whatever made the thuds makes its way into a torpedo tube and bangs out SOS in Morse Code.
  • The Naval officers open the tube and find Angel.
  • Angel says the right things and the Americans realize he’s not a threat.
  • Lawson, the same guy we see in the present, is in charge after his captain was killed earlier.
  • He warns Angel about the creatures and tries to give him a gun, but Angel tells him to keep it, then goes off to explore the sub.
  • Angel doesn’t get far before he runs into a familiar face.
  • Spike addresses him as Angelus and says, “They’ll let anyone in here.”
  • Spike thinks that the Nazis have captured Angelus, too, and says they grabbed him in Madrid.
  • He introduces Angel to a couple other vampires: Nostroyev and the Prince of Lies.
  • The Prince of Lies looks like a real Nosferatu type and Nostroyev claims to have been Rasputin’s lover.
  • Spike is ready to go after the survivors, but Angel says they need the sailors to run the sub so they can get out of there.
  • When Nostroyev decides to go after the humans anyway, Angel kills him, insisting that the humans live until they get the sub to the surface.
  • In the present, Lawson strolls into Angel’s office, explaining how surprised he was to discover that he was running Wolfram & Hart these days.
  • Back in the past, Angel leads Lawson and his crew to the bridge and orders them to bring the sub in.
  • Lawson wants to know why they don’t just kill the vampires.
  • Angel explains that they’re extra hands and they’re under control.
  • He asks him to trust that he’s going to get them through, safe and sound.
  • In Angel’s office, he asks Lawson what he wants.
  • Lawson says he just wants to know why they do what they do.
  • Angel sees an opening and attacks, ready to stake Lawson, reminding him that he said he’d kill him if he ever saw him again.
  • Lawson warns him that he’s got an ace in the hole…
  • Then he takes Angel to where he has Gunn, Fred, and Wes all strung up…
  • If any of them fall, the piano wire tied around their necks will easily behead them.
  • On the sub, Lawson can clearly see that Angel and Spike have a past.
  • Then they hear screaming…
  • The Prince of Lies is attacking the surviving Nazi when he discovered what the Nazis had planned for his kind.
  • Angel dusts the Prince before he can kill the Nazi… then Angel punches he Nazi when he tries to thank him.
  • Spike finds the papers that got the Prince riled up.
  • Then they interrogate the Nazi… turns out Lawson speaks German.
  • The Nazis have been cutting into the vampires’ brains, trying to create an army of the undead.
  • In the heat of the discussion, Spike figures out that Angel’s playing both sides and is ready to take out all the Americans if there’s a chance that the U.S. is trying to do the same thing to vamps that Germany is.
  • Precursor to the Initiative?
  • Then the sub is attacked by depth charges.
  • Lawson goes to try and fix the engine after the attack.
  • The Nazi hostage takes advantage of the confusion and stabs Lawson with a screwdriver.
  • Angel finds him at death’s door.
  • Knowing that Lawson is the only one who can fix the engine, Angel sires him.
  • As the air begins to run out, Lawson manages to get the engines working.
  • Then the sub heads to the surface so they can re-vent.
  • Lawson says he’s hungry and is ready to go after his own men.
  • While they’re on the surface, Angel sends Lawson out, warning him that they’re 20 miles from land and there are 8 hours until sunrise.
  • And he gives him the “kill you if I see you again” warning.
  • Oh, and he sends Spike out, too.
  • In the present, Lawson wants to know that the government at least tortured Angel when the mission was over.
  • Angel just went underground until the end of the war.
  • Lawson says that he went on to do all the things a monster should do… but he felt nothing from it.
  • He wants to know if it’s just him or if all the vampires that Angel sires feels like that.
  • Angel tells him he’s the only vampire that he sired after he got a soul.
  • So does that mean Lawson has a soul?
  • Lawson feels like Angel gave him just enough of himself to be trapped between the man he was and the monster he is.
  • They fight and Angel dusts him.
  • Kinda anti-climactic…
  • Body count: Humans – 1; Vampires – 3

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