Rewatching Angel – Episode 97

Welcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

Harm’s Way

  • We get a glimpse at what appears to be the new orientation video that Wolfram & Hart shows it’s employees on their first day.
  • I think the important thing to glean from that is that Wolfram & Hart under Team Angel has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to killing.
  • Example… if a vampire in Wolfram & Hart’s employ kills a human for any reason, that vampire is next to go.
  • Cut to Harmony waking up and beginning her daily routine.
  • She tries to get along with other employees in the lounge at work… clearly no one likes her.
  • She’s also underappreciated by Angel.
  • A lab tech stops by for a random blood test to make sure Harmony’s not feeding on human blood and we see she tests negative.
  • A demon named Eli stops by on his way to Angel’s office, apparently he’s been called in for a special meeting.
  • Harmony rushes in behind Eli to give Angel his mug of blood only to see Angel behead Eli.
  • Guess Eli didn’t understand the zero tolerance rule.
  • Spike shows up, wanting to say his goodbyes.
  • He’s decided to take off and go visit Buffy, saying that Angel is welcome to the Shanshu destiny whether he deserves it or not.
  • Angel meets with the team and they discuss a demon clan truce they’re trying to put together.
  • These two clans, the Vinji and Dahrvin used to get along famously, but have been warring for hundreds of years after someone used the wrong fork at some ceremony.
  • Back in the break room, Harmony is still trying to get in with the rest of the assistants, but it’s still kinda pointless.
  • Angel calls her back to the lobby where a camel has been delivered.
  • A live camel…
  • She ordered it because she was doing some reading on the warring tribes and apparently there’s a ritual where they butcher a camel.
  • But Angel’s not thrilled.
  • Fred tries to console Harmony and she takes that as a sign that they should hang out after work.
  • Since Harmony’s been having trouble connecting with people at work, Fred suggests mingling at the bar.
  • So Fred takes off and Harmony goes to talk to a guy at the bar.
  • The next morning, Harmony’s alarm goes off and she turns over to find the guy at the bar in her bed.
  • She clearly does not remember anything happening between them.
  • So she can’t explain why he’s dead… as the result of what is clearly the bite of a vampire on his neck.
  • Harmony tries to hide the body in a big laundry bag, then shoves it down the laundry chute.
  • When she gets to work, she’s in a panic, especially when she sees the lab guy who does the random blood tests.
  • As the day goes on, she seems to be craving human blood…
  • Angel gets a call from the LAPD about a body they’ve discovered in an apparent vampire attack.
  • I guess Angel gets those calls now and the LAPD as a whole is in on the whole thing.
  • Turns out the body had Angel’s business card on him…
  • The guy, Toby, was the mediator for the peace summit between the demon clans.
  • The clan leaders are pissed and want vengeance for whoever killed the mediator.
  • Harmony heads down to the lab where Fred is examining the body.
  • The questions Harmony asks only lead to her being more suspicious.
  • She leaves the lab and comes to the realization that since the guy was bitten on the right side of his neck, she couldn’t have done it.
  • But in her excitement of making this discovery, she runs into random blood test guy, who jabs her finger and finds she’s tested positive for human blood.
  • So she knocks him out and hides him in an office.
  • She runs into Lorne, who hears the other guy moaning, so she knocks him out, too.
  • Harmony runs back down to the lab where the blood results are automatically transmitted.
  • She tries to explain to Fred that since she instinctively leans right when biting someone, the bite marks should be on their left side.
  • Fred wants to involve Angel, but Harmony stops her because of the zero tolerance policy.
  • So she knocks her out, too.
  • Harmony figures someone has been spiking her thermos at work with human blood.
  • In the break room, Harmony accuses Lorne’s assistant of being the one to frame her.
  • But then someone else steps in and knocks out Lorne’s assistant, revealing herself to be the one who is really trying to frame Harmony.
  • Harmony has no clue who she is, so she re-introduces herself as Tamika.
  • Tamika is extremely jealous of Harmony’s position because she’s been in the steno pool for years.
  • Tamika reveals she’s also a vampire, so they break into a proper fight.
  • While they fight, she reveals that she roofied Harmony’s drink, then followed her back to her place and killed Toby while Harmony slept.
  • Harmony tries dragging Tamika out to the lobby so she can confess to framing Harmony.
  • Angel and Gunn are meeting with the demon clans, who are still demanding a blood sacrifice to make up for the mediator’s death.
  • Just then, Harmony and Tamika smash through the window and Harmony dusts Tamika.
  • This works for the demon clans and the summit can begin.
  • Later, Angel tells Harmony that she should have come to him from the start.
  • She figures she’s fired, since he’s not beheading her… but he just asks her for coffee.
  • Harmony goes back to the bar and Spike shows up.
  • He’s decided he can’t show up in Europe out of nowhere after his heroic end in Sunnydale.
  • Spike gives Harmony a minor pep talk and things seem to be okay for her now…
  • I’ll be honest… not my favorite episode, as fillers go.
  • I’ve always found Harmony to be obnoxious, so having an entire episode centered around her is also obnoxious.
  • Body count: Demons – 1; Humans – 1; Vampires – 1

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