10 of My Favorite Christmas Movies

I’ve told you about the podcast I get to take part in over at Everyday Exiles, right? Periodically, we’ll record episodes where we discuss movies from the American Film Institute’s Top 100 lists. A couple weeks ago, Chris reached out and asked me to come up with my Top 10 for Christmas movies and be ready to defend my reasons for each movie.

It’s 2020 and things come up. We never actually got around to recording that particular podcast. But that didn’t stop me from coming up with my own Top 10 list for Christmas movies.

10. Home Alone
It’s Ferris Bueller meets Saw. What’s not to love? You can’t tell me that Kevin McAllister didn’t grow up to be a complete sociopath. But, hey, I still laugh every time he freaks the pizza guy out with clips from the old movie. BTW, how 2020 is it to tell the delivery guy to “leave it on the doorstep and get the hell outta here…”?

9. White Christmas
It’s actually been a while since the last time I watched this one. But it’s a classic… I never remember the songs from this musical movie, aside from the title song, that is. Then I watch it and find myself singing along with every one of them.

8. Miracle on 34th Street
Just so we’re clear, this is the original version with Maureen O’Hara and Natalie Wood. Give me the black and white classic any day of the week. None of that nonsense with Matilda in it. The Santa Claus we see here is much better at it than John Hammond from Jurassic Park.

7. Four Christmases
Because it makes me laugh. I could watch it for the scene where Jon Favreau and his wife are playing Taboo alone. Hard to believe Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn couldn’t stand each other. You really can’t tell based on what’s on screen.

6. Gremlins
Yes, this is a Christmas movie. It just happens to also involve scary little monsters that go on a destructive killing spree in the small town of Kingston Falls. Why are Gizmo’s offspring always evil? Even before they turn into Gremlins, they’re jerks as Mogwai.

5. Elf
If someone had come up with this story a hundred years ago, it would be just as beloved as White Christmas or It’s a Wonderful Life. Have you watched Netflix’s Holiday Movies That Made Us? There’s an episode devoted to this movie and it’s worth the watch.

4. Christmas Vacation
This should probably rank a little higher as I consider it one of three movies I have to watch at least once during the holidays. Endlessly quotable… In fact, I have a hard time sitting silently while watching it without saying most (if not all) of the lines in sync with the film. Oh, and I can do a spot on impression of Uncle Lewis.

3. A Christmas Story
Another that has to be seen at least once each Christmas. Although, I suppose I could watch it 12 times in a row thanks to TBS. Or is it TNT? Or is it both? Fandom Entertainment recently did one of their Honest Trailers on YouTube for this movie. They made a good point… Is this a good movie or do we just think it’s good because we’ve all basically memorized it?

2. Die Hard
People debate whether or not this is a Christmas movie, too. It absolutely is a Christmas movie. I recently watched a video on YouTube that gave some very simple reasons why it’s a Christmas movie: 11 unique Christmas trees on display throughout the film; 15 unique Christmas decorations and/or visual references; 7 Christmas carols heard throughout; 14 uses of the word “Christmas”… I mean, it’s more Christmas-y than Home Alone.

1. It’s a Wonderful Life
One of the greatest movies ever made. I dare you to watch it and try not to tear up at the end when the whole town, minus old man Potter, show up to support George.

There are lots of great Christmas movies out there and plenty that I love that just didn’t make the Top 10. What are some of your favorites? Let me know down in the comments!

7 thoughts on “10 of My Favorite Christmas Movies

  1. White Christmas is my FAVOURITE Christmas movie! So much so that my brother bought DVD copies for both myself and my mom lol we watch it every Christmas eve. And Elf is number 2!!! Great choices!

    My students have given me homework to watch “christmas chronicles” and “christmas chronicles 2” over the break. I have 3 full weeks off during a lockdown where I’m newly single so what else do I have to do?! 😂😂

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  2. I don’t like Will Ferrel so not a fan of Elf. I can’t wrap my head around the premise that someone could actually leave their child home, so I have a problem with Home Alone, although I will admit that Kevin did a pretty good job of protecting his house. One of my all time faves and a must watch at Christmas is Muppet Christmas Carol. The original Christmas Carol with Alistair Sim is in there too.

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  3. I love and have seen everything except Four Christmases (which I do intend to watch this year). As far as Christmas movies you haven’t mentioned that I love there’s: The Santa Clause trilogy (minus the third), The Nightmare Before Christmas (it counts), How the Grinch Stole Christmas 2000 (guilty pleasure), and Love Actually (a recent favorite).

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  4. Either I`m fickle or I have a short attention span because my favorites fluctuate regularly. Die Hard is still a favorite and I`ve watched it already this year. For several years I was fixated on Call Me Claus with Whoopi Goldberg and Nigel Hawthorne. I expect be in the mood to watch it this year too. It`s the dry humor that I love. I think Whoopi is the only one I know who could pull off a female Santa.

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