Rewatching Angel – Episode 93

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Life of the Party

  • Lorne is schmoozing over the phone and goes to Harmony to ask about seeing Angel.
  • He’s just getting back from a field mission that hasn’t gone great.
  • Lorne needs to ask about the big Halloween party, but Angel’s in desperate need of rest and a shower.
  • Lorne gets back to his office and seems pretty exhausted, but his reflection gives him a pep talk.
  • But it’s more of a reminder that he’s never allowed to turn his personality off when he’s not alone…
  • He then exits his office, turning it all back on for the people.
  • Up in Angel’s apartment, Eve pops in as Angel gets out of the shower.
  • Apparently they had a meeting that he missed because he was out killing a demon.
  • Eve warns Angel that he bottles up his stress way too much and needs a release.
  • They get back to the lobby and see all the set up for the party and Lorne’s worried that a lot of the guest list aren’t going to show.
  • Lorne looks like he’s about to snap, but then just tells Angel they’ll talk once he’s had time to calm down.
  • Lorne then heads down to the lab to ask for help from Wes and Fred, both of whom say they were thinking about skipping it.
  • He convinces them to join him for the meeting with Angel.
  • Then he goes to Gunn to pull him in, too.
  • In the meeting, Lorne convinces Angel that it’s important to show the Wolfram & Hart employees and clients that the new regime is here to stay.
  • Problem is, a lot of the guest list won’t come because they think Angel is just throwing the party so he can slaughter them.
  • But Lorne wants Angel to convince a demon lord, Archduke Sebassis, to come… the rest will follow.
  • Sebassis agrees to attend, but his right hand demon, Artode, warns that he still thinks it’s a trap.
  • Sebassis says they’ll be prepared, revealing a load of weaponry behind the wall.
  • The party is in full swing and not going great…
  • Wes and Fred are hiding at the vegetable tray and Lorne tries to convince them not to be wallflowers.
  • Angel is hiding in his office watching a hockey game.
  • Lorne just about snaps again, this time Angel notices and is concerned…
  • But then he’s fine again and pulls Angel into the party.
  • Harmony tries to get Spike to dance with her, but he’s very vocal about how much he hates Halloween and the party.
  • Lorne tries to get Spike to be a little more positive.
  • The archduke arrives and his dude, Artode, is wearing a suit made from the skin of a Pylean… one of Lorne’s kind.
  • Seems like a threat to me…
  • Wes and Fred are now clearly drunk and Harmony warns them that someone peed close to the food table.
  • Gunn asks Lorne how he has so much energy and he admits he had the firm remove his sleep…
  • Lorne does not need to sleep anymore…
  • Eve arrives and tells Angel she’s impressed by his interaction with Sebassis.
  • Lorne tells them they could cut the sexual tension with a knife and jokes that they should get a room.
  • So they retreat to Angel’s office, making out all the way.
  • Artode is in the restroom and is violently killed by an unseen assailant.
  • Sebassis notices Artode’s absence and has a minion search for him.
  • Wes and Fred realize they’re drunk but neither of them have been drinking.
  • They ask Gunn if it’s weird that they’re drunk and find him peeing on things.
  • And Spike is being extremely positive.
  • It’s all weird.
  • They all burst into Angel’s office and catch him and Eve together.
  • Lorne tells people to do things and they do it…
  • Like, earlier, he told Gunn to stake out his territory.
  • They figure out that an empath demon who’s been sleep deprived for a month has this effect.
  • About this time, Sebassis discovers Artode’s remains.
  • Fred and Wes head to the lab to find Lorne’s sleep.
  • She wants them to be better friends, and so does Wes… but Wes is still in love with Fred, but she just asks him about Knox.
  • Sebassis barges into Angel’s office ready to kill anyone in the room.
  • He accuses Angel of killing Artode.
  • But in the party, another demon’s dead body is discovered.
  • Wes finds out that sleeplessness in an empath demon can lead to catastrophic results.
  • Instead of reading destinies, he’s writing them.
  • Also, his subconscious has separated from himself… creating a Hulk version of Lorne.
  • This is what killed Artode and the other demon.
  • Wes and Fred get back and replace Lorne’s sleep just in time to stop Hulk Lorne from smashing Angel.
  • Fred helps with the clean up after the party and then Knox shows up.
  • He invites her to get some coffee, but she suggests something a little more alcoholic.
  • Gunn managed to smooth things over with Sebassis and his people.
  • And Lorne actually gets a good night’s sleep.
  • Body count: Demons – 2

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