Rewatching Angel – Episode 92

Welcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

Hell Bound

  • Late in the evening, Fred’s still in the lab while everyone else seems to have gone home.
  • Spike appears and shows us all he’s still non-corporeal.
  • Fred feels like she’s getting close to something and lets slip Angel’s Shanshu prophecy.
  • That’s a callback to the end of the first season, where a prophecy says that the vampire with a soul will play an important role in the apocalypse and will then be rewarded with a return to a human life.
  • But why wouldn’t this now apply to Spike?
  • Spike falls through the floor and ends up in some kind of basement where he comes across some kind of sinister apparition that is slicing off his own fingers.
  • Fred takes some handwritten notes to Wes, telling him he needs those as soon as possible.
  • He informs her that they are some extremely rare books, but through his current contacts, he can have them for her in 20 minutes.
  • As Fred turns to leave, Eve asks her if she’s got a minute to meet with Angel.
  • Apparently her department is $800k over her quarterly budget.
  • Angel’s not thrilled that Fred is trying to re-corporealize Spike, insisting that he just wanted Spike away from Wolfram & Hart.
  • He tells her it’s her call, but warns her that some people can’t be saved.
  • Smug talk coming from the guy who never once gave up on a certain rogue Slayer.
  • Spike has made his way back to the empty lab and is seemingly haunted by some kind of shadowy presence as lights start blinking off.
  • He hears someone crying and follows the sound like an idiot in a horror movie.
  • He comes across a woman without arms.
  • She begs him to hold her, then warns him it’s coming.
  • Spike then goes to Angel and confronts him about the whole Shanshu deal.
  • Angel says the prophecy is a load of crap.
  • He says that none of the good they’ve done matters… all that counts is all the evil they did.
  • No matter what, they’ll both wind up in hell.
  • I’ve gotta say… I love Spike and Angel’s dynamic when they just sit down and talk.
  • Angel admits that he always liked Spike’s poems.
  • Then Spike points out that Angel likes Barry Manilow.
  • Suddenly, he’s seeing ghosts everywhere…
  • But no one else can see them.
  • And Gunn says the psychics have done a sweep claiming that Spike is the only non-corporeal in the building.
  • He vanishes… but not really.
  • Spike is still there, but no one can see him anymore.
  • Then a voice tells him that no one can help him now.
  • Spike walks around, looking for the source of the voice, and is lured to an elevator going down.
  • He winds up back in the basement and hears more cutting.
  • But when he gets back to where the man was before, no one’s there.
  • A creepy woman with a large piece of glass shoved into her eye approaches and tells him the Reaper’s going to get him.
  • She then removes the glass and swipes at Spike’s face with it, cutting his cheek.
  • Even though he can’t be seen or heard, he goes to see Fred and thanks her.
  • Fred thinks, for a moment, that she’s figured it out, but it would destroy most of the city.
  • Spike reached for her and she felt it.
  • Angel comes in and says the mystics have found nothing in the building.
  • In the conference room, they bring in an outside contractor that Eve knows who might be able to communicate with Spike.
  • Spike is there, but the presence she’s describing is whatever has been after him.
  • It attacks and kills her.
  • While Fred is showering, Spike figures out that this “Reaper” isn’t really after him… it wants something else.
  • Then he’s able to write in the steam on the glass the word “Reaper.”
  • But as soon as Fred sees it, the glass shatters and Spike is thrown into the lobby.
  • He refuses to teal with flunkies anymore, wanting to face the puppet master.
  • Then he gets his wish.
  • The gang is researching dark souls, then cross-reference reaper, thanks to Fred’s message.
  • They come up with a killer named Pavayne.
  • He was never taken down by authorities, but Wolfram & Hart killed him, requiring his blood to deconsecrate the ground on which the LA branch is built.
  • Apparently Pavayne feeds on all the souls of the people who die at Wolfram & Hart.
  • Pavayne is really enjoying Spike’s torture.
  • But he makes the mistake of revealing how Spike is able to control himself.
  • Fred figures out a way to bring Spike back to normal, but it will take a massive amount of dark energy.
  • Gunn and Angel head to the White Room to interact with the Conduit, hoping they can get what they need.
  • Now that Spike is able to fight back, he gives Pavayne a pretty severe thrashing.
  • Gunn gets the the lab with whatever the Conduit gave them and says to make it count because that’s all they’re getting.
  • When the machine starts to work, Fred yells for Spike to get into the circle since it’s his only chance.
  • But Pavayne begins to choke Fred and opts to knock Pavayne into the circle instead, turning him corporeal.
  • Spike reappears (non-corporreally) and warns Angel not to kill Pavayne or he’ll become a spirit again and they’ll be back to square one.
  • Fred apologizes to Spike that they don’t have another way to make him a real boy.
  • But he’s okay for now and even shows her that he’s able to interact with his environment.
  • Angel and Eve lock Pavayne up in permanent storage.
  • Angel congratulates him that he’ll be able to live forever, unable to move, touch, or affect anything around him.
  • Body count: Humans – 1

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