Rewatching Angel – Episode 91

Welcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • Team Angel has a late night picnic…
  • But it’s a cover to meet outside of Wolfram & Hart where no one can keep tabs on what they’re really meeting about.
  • Wes tries to hide his jealousy of Fred’s close relationship with Knox.
  • Angel is still trying to figure out why the Senior Partners want them inside Wolfram & Hart.
  • Gunn is still suspect after the firm put all that law knowledge in his head.
  • “I made a deal. We all did. Seems like I’m the only one who’s willing to accept that.”
  • There’s also the issue with Spike.
  • Fred tells them Spike is more than a ghost… he’s unique.
  • Suddenly Angel asks to borrow Wes’ pen, then he takes off.
  • Cut to a girl being chased down by a horrible, hairy monster!
  • Angel arrives, tackling the beast and stabbing it with Wesley’s pen.
  • When it dies, the werewolf in question reverts to his human form.
  • Back at the office, Angel tells Gunn they need to find the girl.
  • He knows she was bitten… he could smell her blood.
  • With two nights left around the full moon, she has two nights in which she will turn into a monster.
  • Spike shows up in Fred’s office and is kind of miffed that focus has shifted from him to werewolf girl.
  • He reveals that something is trying to hold onto him from the other side.
  • Fred suggests that Spike confer with Wesley, since he knows more about the mystical side of things.
  • Spike says he can’t deal with Wes… bad things happened back when Wes was a young Watcher.
  • But Fred sees through Spike, knowing he’s making up the whole troubled past.
  • Meet Dr. Royce, cryptozoologist for Wolfram & Hart… claims the dead werewolf is a rare breed.
  • But that’s no help in finding the victim…
  • Who wakes up late in the day, feverish… and experiencing super hearing powers.
  • This girl, Nina, lives with her sister and niece, whom she’s supposed to babysit tonight.
  • Might not be good to leave her alone with a kid.
  • Back in the lab, they get a hit on the sketch that Angel drew.
  • From that, they track down her car on traffic cams… then track down Nina Ash.
  • Back at home, Nina is alone with her niece and is beginning to feel not so well.
  • Moon’s a-risin’, kids.
  • Nina says she’s going to lie down, but collapses on the floor in her bedroom.
  • The transformation begins.
  • It’s all very An American Werewolf in London.
  • The niece is worried about her aunt and is about to walk in, but Angel is at the window, luring her outside.
  • They fall off the roof together and Wes shoots Nina with a tranq gun.
  • In the morning, Nina wakes up naked in a cell.
  • Angel comes in and introduces himself, trying to help her understand that she’s safe now.
  • Understandably, she doesn’t believe she’s safe at all.
  • Kind of seems like she’s been abducted.
  • He shows her a video of herself, reverting to human form.
  • She thinks she’s seeing the creature that attacked her… then she sees it’s her.
  • Angel reveals that he’s a vampire, but he has a soul.
  • “I’m not evil and neither are you.”
  • Vampires can control themselves if they want to, and so can Nina.
  • Dr. Royce warns Angel that her first few transformations are the hardest and suggests taking her home to get some things that are familiar.
  • Fred and a few security guys take Nina to her house.
  • Angel’s feeling guilty about what Nina has to go through and takes it out on Gunn.
  • Lorne stops in and tries to get him to vent, because the Spike of it all is bugging him too and he’s holding it all in.
  • Fred and Nina get to the house and her sister is freaking out.
  • Fred tries to step in and make an excuse to save Nina, but the sister is too pissed to listen.
  • Nina grabs a few things and they leave, but something’s wrong in the van.
  • Security guys are all unconscious… then the ladies are attacked by men in black ski masks.
  • Fred is knocked out and Nina is taken.
  • She’s taken to some sketchy dungeon looking location where she’s given a Shawshank welcome.
  • Lorne reads everyone at Wolfram & Hart that knew about Nina.
  • Royce sings “Jessie’s Girl” and then gives a report to Angel about what groups would be interested in nabbing a werewolf.
  • Then Fred spots Spike in a translucent form and takes off after him.
  • She follows him into Royce’s office and finds evidence that he’s behind Nina’s abduction.
  • The team digs deeper and figure out that the people who took her plan to wait until she’s in wolf form, then carve her up and eat her.
  • Gross.
  • But since she would revert to human form if they kill her, they’ll have to cut her up while she’s still alive.
  • Gross… and terrifying.
  • The people at this werewolf banquet look to be quite wealthy.
  • Team Angel uses Royce to get into Crane’s house to save Nina.
  • She tries to tell Angel to leave her and let them choke on her, but he’s insistent.
  • A fight breaks out and Nina turns.
  • Wes tranqs her again.
  • Crane complains that his guests paid a lot of money to experience werewolf on the menu.
  • Suddenly, Nina bites Royce on the leg before being tranquilized again.
  • So Angel tells Crane that in a month, he’ll have another werewolf.
  • Back in Fred’s office, Spike finally fully reappears and admits that this time he wasn’t sure he was coming back.
  • The next day, Angel drives Nina back to her sister and niece.
  • He gives her a pep talk before she gets out, reminding her that she’ll be okay.
  • Team Angel get back together in Angel’s apartment above the offices and order Chinese food… just like old times.
  • Oh, and Angel and Nina might have a thing for each other?
  • Body count: Werewolves – 1

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