This week, our Sunday Scribblings prompt is Frontier. If you decide to write a post based on this week’s prompt, be sure to go back here and share your link so everyone can see how you interpreted things! Here’s what I did with it…

Remember Facebook games?

I ask that as if they’re not still a thing. Though, to be honest, I have no idea if Facebook still has games. But if you know, you know… I’m talking about the Farmville heyday.

Back then, I got sucked in, like a lot of people. It was an easy way to waste kill time. You had land to cultivate, seeds to plant, crops to harvest. If I remember correctly, things started out simple enough… You had corn and beans and sunflowers, pretty normal crops. Then they got you to start planting crazy things like cotton candy and candy corn.

I don’t know… I lost interest when the game got too crowded and slowed my computer to a crawl.

But then the creators of Farmville introduced me to a much more interesting game: Frontierville.

Frontierville was a lot like Farmville, but took place in the “wild west.” You could still grow crops, but you also were tasked with crafting items, taking care of livestock, and getting rid of pests while clearing your land. I’m not sure what it was about this one that struck me as more fun… it just was.

Maybe it was the part where you had collections of certain items that you could turn in for additional money/items.

I do know I was disappointed with the game when they decided to change it to The Pioneer Trail. Sure, it took a lot of inspiration from the incomparable Oregon Trail, but the Oregon Trail it was not.

Eventually, like many of the Facebook games of the day, the game closed up shop. It was no longer supported by the developers and basically ceased to exist.

I suppose it’s for the best. Because now we have plenty of time wasters killers available for free in the App Store.

Did anyone else out there play these Facebook games back in the day? Did you become friends with people just so they would fertilize your crops? It’s okay, you can admit to it… this is a safe space. Let me know down in the comments!

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  1. For the Love of Books

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Feature Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

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