Rewatching Angel – Episode 88

Welcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • So… Lilah’s back…
  • It’s clear she’s still dead, but she’s a messenger from Wolfram & Hart.
  • As soon as she delivers her message, she’s going straight back to Hell.
  • She’s there with the offer of a lifetime from the Senior Partners.
  • They have been offered control of the L.A. branch of the firm.
  • A lot of awkward silence…
  • No one wants to be the first to ask…
  • The L.A. branch has been rebuilt and is fully staffed without any of the zombies that the Beast left behind.
  • It’s Team Angel’s reward for ending world peace.
  • Lilah points out that Jamine consumed maybe a dozen people a day…
  • Weigh that against the ending of suffering for millions… maybe even billions…
  • She tells them a limo will be waiting for anyone who wants to take them up on their offer in the morning.
  • Connor is wandering the chaotic streets in the wake of Jasmine’s death.
  • He encounters a cop on the roof of a tall building who is contemplating suicide and stops him from shooting himself.
  • Connor tells him to go home and the cop shows him a picture of his wife and kid.
  • Then Connor gets pissed that he was just going to leave them like that and begins to beat the crap out of him.
  • There’s no sign of Connor or Cordelia on the homefront.
  • They’re all considering the kind of help that Wolfram & Hart could provide…
  • Angel tells them that if they want to take the offer, that’s a decision he can’t make for them.
  • But he warns them that as soon as they get into the car, before they even cross the threshold, they’ll be corrupted.
  • Early the next morning, Fred sneaks out to the limo.
  • She runs into Wes, who says the limo has been there since before he got there.
  • Then Gunn arrives.
  • Even as they walk toward the limo, they debate whether they should get in.
  • Angel shows up and opens the limo for the others.
  • And Lorne is already inside.
  • Welcome to the new and improved Wolfram & Hart.
  • Flunkies greet Mr. Angel as they enter the lobby… as if he’s already in charge.
  • Lilah arrives with an entourage of guides… divide and conquer.
  • She tells them that if they don’t trust the separate tours, they can arm themselves if it will make them feel better.
  • Lorne heads off to the entertainment division.
  • Wesley is sent off with an older British dude.
  • Gunn is sent off with a kind of gorgeous lady.
  • Fred meets a guy in a white coat named Knox, head of the science division.
  • Leaving with Angel with Lilah for his grand tour.
  • Gunn isn’t sure what Wolfram & Hart would have planned for him, thinking maybe security.
  • But his guide informs him they have much grander plans for him.
  • Knox informs Fred that she would, in fact, be the head of the science division.
  • She’s super impressed by the lab.
  • Wesley’s guide takes him to a modestly sized room and calls it the ancient prophecies wing, but there are only a dozen or so books on a table.
  • But apparently, each book can become any book if called upon…
  • Wes knows that his guide is a former Watcher and quickly knocks him out to escape his tour.
  • Lilah shows Angel to his office, which has a private elevator that could take him to his own private motor pool.
  • She also surprises him by opening the curtains, bathing the room in sunlight.
  • The windows are “necro-tempered,” which keeps Angel from bursting into flame.
  • Angel wants to walk, but Lilah tries to convince him of all he could do with the firm’s resources.
  • He could take down the system from the belly of the beast.
  • Lilah hands Angel a file labeled Sunnydale, informing him that the trinket inside could be incredibly helpful for Buffy’s coming battle.
  • Angel says Buffy can handle herself.
  • Then Lilah hits the Connor spot… saying the firm can help with that whole missing persons thing.
  • He’s still about to walk, until Lilah turns on a TV showing a hostage crisis, with Connor at the center of it.
  • Gunn is taken to the White Room, which he’s not thrilled about.
  • He encounters a panther…
  • They make eye contact… and I guess there’s some kind of understanding.
  • Inside the sporting goods store, Connor has a bunch of hostages wired with explosives.
  • He senses that Angel has arrived…
  • Meanwhile, Wesley is sneaking through the bowels of Wolfram & Hart, searching for Lilah’s file.
  • He wants to destroy it in an attempt to free Lilah from her eternal contract.
  • Unfortunately, that doesn’t do anything… another copy of the contract replaces the one he burned.
  • “Flames wouldn’t be eternal if they actually consumed anything.”
  • Angel confronts Connor and finds that he’s also rigged himself and the comatose Cordelia with explosives as well.
  • Connor reveals that he can’t feel anything… he never felt anything with or without Jasmine around.
  • So he thinks that love is a lie…
  • His own mother couldn’t love him.
  • Angel tries to convince him that Darla sacrificed herself because she loved him.
  • I want to feel bad for Connor, even though I’ve never liked his character.
  • I get why he is the way he is…
  • He’s had a horrible life and never got a real chance at what could have been.
  • He gets ready to detonate the explosives, but Angel is quick enough to stop him.
  • They fight, and Angel releases the hostages.
  • In the end, Angel could kill him…
  • “I really do love you, Connor.”
  • “So what are you gonna do about it?”
  • “Prove it.”
  • Back at the law firm, Lorne is singing, obviously thrilled.
  • Fred and Wes return to the lobby just before Gunn gets off the elevator.
  • Fred notices that Gunn looks taller…
  • He tells them he’s taking the deal… he hopes he’s not alone, but if he is, that’s okay, too.
  • Angel walks up and says he took the deal, on behalf of everyone.
  • Angel asks Lilah if it was taken care of…
  • She reveals that Cordelia is safe and sound and will receive the best care, both medical and metaphysical.
  • Angel then tells Lilah he needs to see him.
  • “That wasn’t part of the deal.”
  • She gives him the Sunnydale folder and tells him the limo outside will take him to see Connor.
  • Angel thanks her and walks away from everyone.
  • As he leaves, Fred asks, “Who’s Connor?”
  • The limo drives Angel pretty far out of town, where Angel approaches a decent looking house in the woods.
  • He looks in and sees Connor having dinner with a nice looking family, discussing Connor’s choices for college.
  • Connor is happy… and he gives a toast… to family.
  • Angel walks away, content in the knowledge that his son will live a happy life.
  • Body count: No one died!

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