Rewatching Angel – Episode 84

Welcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

Shiny Happy People

  • Not Cordelia’s baby… who I guess is actually Not Cordelia is kind of in awe of experiencing the real world.
  • And she thanks the unconscious Cordelia for protecting and nourishing her.
  • Angel asks Not Cordelia to punish him because he came there to kill her.
  • She takes his sword from him and tells him she knows that he is suffering, but that his suffering will end.
  • Then she’s gone… leaving Connor and Angel with Cordelia in a comatose state.
  • Fred and Lorne clean up the office while Gunn and Wes dismember Skip in the basement.
  • Fred questions… would Angel really kill Cordelia to save the world?
  • Connor walks in and Fred comes at him with a dagger.
  • But he’s smiley and happy…
  • Angel tells them it’s okay, Connor’s with him.
  • And Angel has laid Cordelia on the sofa, explaining to the others she’s in a better place.
  • The others are concerned about Angel not killing the hellspawn and its disappearance…
  • They want to track her down and kill her.
  • Angel explains that they want to find her, not to kill her, but to worship her.
  • Wes tries to snap Angel out of Not Cordelia’s enchantment… but then she walks in and all the others kneel before her, too.
  • After getting Cordelia back in her bed, Not Cordelia explains that she has been in this world before.
  • Before men… before demons…
  • But when demons began to walk the earth, some of the powers that existed resisted and moved on to a higher plane, becoming the Powers That Be.
  • She goes on to explain that her birth was possible because of Angel and Darla.
  • When Lorne sent Angel and Darla to fight for Darla’s human life and Angel believed he failed, Not Cordelia reveals that he didn’t fail…
  • Those trials made Connor a possibility, which then made Not Cordelia a possibility.
  • All of the horrible things that have been happening this season were birth pains.
  • Not Cordelia then tells them they’re going to change the world together.
  • At a bowling alley that’s overrun by vampires, the team comes in and attacks, taking down a dozen or so (but we only see two dusted).
  • Not Cordelia asks Fred to sit with her and come up with a name for her.
  • She’s hurt by one of the fleeing vampires, causing her arm to bleed.
  • Angel chases this last vampire out into a crowd at an outdoor cafe, dusting him in full view of everyone.
  • The people begin to freak out by what they’ve just witnessed… but then Not Cordelia walks out with the others and they’re all enthralled.
  • Well… all but one.
  • One man calls her a monster, grabs a knife, and comes at her.
  • Angel beats the crap out of him, but Not Cordelia stops him before he can kill him.
  • Back at the hotel, they sit around debating names.
  • Fred is concerned about the shirt that is stained with Not Cordelia’s blood, wanting desperately to fix it.
  • Not Cordelia mentions that Gunn and Wes both love Fred, and that love should bring them together, not drive them apart.
  • She then goes outside to visit with Angel because he’s feeling guilty about nearly killing her attacker.
  • She notices the fragrance of the night blooming jasmine flowers that are all over the courtyard.
  • Angel confesses that he’s so happy that she’s there, but he’s worried that being happy would cause him to lose his soul.
  • But she says none of that will matter because evil will be banished by the deeds that they do.
  • She says she has faith in all of her warriors, then we’re treated to a montage of the team fighting the good fight.
  • And Fred trying to scrub out the blood stain on Not Cordelia’s damaged shirt.
  • The guys watch the news, seeing the difference they’re making anonymously.
  • Lorne takes Not Cordelia upstairs for a surprise.
  • Then Fred comes in, so upset that she couldn’t fix the shirt and had to buy a new one.
  • Then she cries, saying that it hurts when she’s not in Not Cordelia’s presence.
  • The surprise is her new room, which Lorne has decorated to be fit for a queen.
  • Connor passes by and she senses he’s troubled.
  • He feels like he doesn’t deserve to be this happy.
  • She tells him she needed a unique soul to help bring her into this world.
  • Fred walks in with the new shirt, apologetic… until she looks up and sees Not Cordelia’s face.
  • It’s broken and rotting and oozing with maggots…
  • Fred covers up what she’s seeing by playing off the emotions she was feeling downstairs.
  • Then she takes off, needing some time alone.
  • Fred goes to visit the comatose Cordy.
  • She’s hoping she can get through to her, but then Angel walks in.
  • At first, Fred thinks he might see what she’s seen, too, but he’s clearly under Not Cordelia’s thrall.
  • Fred goes to the hospital to visit the man that attacked Not Cordelia, only to find out that after he was treated for his wounds, he was transferred to the psych unit.
  • Fred sneaks in to visit him, but he wants to be left alone.
  • Fred tells him she’s seen what she thinks he saw.
  • He begs Fred not to let it touch her, turning his face to show he’s been radically deformed because of Not Cordelia.
  • Then he asks her to help him escape so he can finish the job and put an end to her.
  • As Fred leaves, he yells at her to not trust anyone.
  • Fred gets back to the hotel and the place is packed.
  • Apparently Not Cordelia went for a walk and tons of people followed her back.
  • Fred confesses to Wesley that she visited the man in the hospital.
  • She wanted to know why he attacked…
  • Then she tells Wes what she’s seen, and he says he believes her…
  • But his way of helping her is to tell Gunn… who tells Lorne… and then tell Not Cordelia herself.
  • Before anyone can stop her, she grabs a crossbow and fires at Not Cordelia.
  • Angel dives in front to take the bolt and Connor jumps down from the balcony.
  • Fred holds a knife to Lorne’s throat to keep everyone away while she escapes.
  • Not Cordelia tells Fred that her love will follow her wherever she goes.
  • Fred drives far away and breaks down into tears.
  • Back at the hotel, Fred is public enemy number one.
  • They’re beating themselves up for not seeing Fred for the evil she is.
  • Not Cordelia says they have to try and help her… but it may come to having to kill her.
  • She says it will be easy to find her tomorrow, because they’ll have eyes everywhere.
  • That’s because she’s a guest on a morning news show and is introduced as Jasmine.
  • Fred is in a diner when she sees Jasmine on TV and walks out, the only person who is seemingly not under Jasmine’s thrall.
  • Body count: Vampires – 3

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