Big Brother All-Stars – Episode 11

Previously on BIG BROTHER

During the live eviction show on Thursday night, Janelle was evicted by a vote of 9-2. Pretty sure that’s an All-Star crime in the making, but whatever. The Head of Household competition was held at the end of the show, but would not be finished until long after the live show ended. So we’ll find out tonight who is this week’s Head of Household. If it’s someone from the same alliance that’s been in power for the first three weeks, then we can expect Kaysar to be nominated and, most likely, evicted. Guess we’ll see…

  • Kaysar has a lot of motivation to win this HOH since he really has no allies in the house now that Janelle is gone.
  • Honestly, he’s who I’m pulling for in this one.
  • If nothing else, it would certainly shake things up by completely shifting the balance of power.
  • This show is boring when the same people are in control week after week.
  • Six people compete to roll three balls up a slope to three holes in the center.
  • The first three to get their balls in the holes will go on to compete against the first three to finish in the next group of six.
  • From the first group, Kaysar finishes first, followed by Enzo and David.
  • Memphis tells the Diary Room that he wants to win HOH again because he’s ready to really take David out and nominate him again.
  • Uh… why are you so against David? What the heck did he ever do to you?
  • From the second group, Dani finishes first, followed by Kevin and Cody.
  • In the final round, just one person can win…
  • And that person is Enzo…
  • Ugh…
  • Look, it’s not that I don’t like Enzo…
  • It’s just that I find him super obnoxious.
  • I don’t like his attitude when he’s not in control, because he usually acts as if he is in control… like he’s some kind of puppet master with delusion of grandeur.
  • He’s gonna be insufferable now that he actually does have the power.
  • On the plus side, he might just be an agent of chaos who is willing to do something crazy for the sake of stirring the pot.
  • Consider how he’s voted the last few weeks.
  • Doesn’t usually go along with the house.
  • There are a lot of questions going around about who voted to keep Janelle.
  • Dani is being accused… but she’s denying it up and down.
  • Even though it was clearly her.
  • Enzo’s not owning up to his vote, either.
  • Have Nots for the week: Tyler, Da’Vonne, and Dani.
  • Only three this week?
  • Cody is in Enzo’s ear about putting Kaysar back on the block.
  • …Maybe with David?
  • Enzo’s thinking Kaysar because they haven’t talked game at all in the first few weeks in the house.
  • At the nomination ceremony, Enzo puts up Kaysar and Kevin.

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