Big Brother All-Stars – Episode 9

Previously on BIG BROTHER

As Head of Household, Tyler was thinking about nominating Janelle and Kaysar for eviction this week, since they know about his alliance and have been “throwing his name around.” Only four people were eligible for this week’s Safety Suite competition, with Enzo coming away with the win. He chose Christmas as his Plus One, but we have yet to see her punishment. At the nomination ceremony, Tyler followed through by putting up Janelle and Kaysar. I’d like for the two of them to stay, but that move is what would be best for Tyler’s alliance(s).

  • Da’Vonne is sticking kind of close to Janelle and Kaysar, hedging her bets in case one or both of them figure out a way to stay safe this week.
  • Janelle is working to stay in Bayleigh’s good side, thinking she’s not in some kind of alliance with anyone.
  • Bayleigh’s not making Janelle any promises, but says she’ll make that decision when and if the time comes… if she wins the Power of Veto.
  • Janelle is showing off an acidic face peel that really looks like she’s smearing blood on her face.
  • Ian warns her about the pH level of what she’s using… so then she worries about it actually being safe.
  • When they pick players for the Veto competition, Tyler pulls Cody’s name.
  • Kaysar pulls Bayleigh.
  • Janelle pulls Memphis.
  • The odds are not in Kaysar or Janelle’s favor…
  • Dani has a talk with Bayleigh about keeping the nominations the same in case she wins the POV.
  • Bayleigh tells her what she wants to hear… but when it comes to it, she’ll do what she thinks is best for her own game.
  • Which is how everyone should be playing!
  • If helping the alliance helps your game in the long run, then that’s what you do.
  • If turning on your alliance helps your game in the long run, then that’s what you do.
  • Trust no one.
  • That’s rule number one in the Big Brother house.
  • Kaysar and Janelle lament their situation as worst case scenario for this week.
  • They can really only rely on themselves for safety at this point.
  • The competition is a head to head “cupcake stacking” competition.
  • Two at a time, players have to move pieces one at a time to make sure everything is stacked in the right place and right order.
  • After the first round, only Memphis, Cody, and Tyler are still playing… which means it doesn’t matter who wins, the nominations remain the same.
  • Ultimately, Cody comes out the winner.
  • Dani is convinced that Memphis was trying to throw the competition in the first round against Janelle, even though he beat her.
  • With their backs against the wall, Janelle and Kaysar talk about the possibility of cutting some kind of deal with the powers that be to keep them both safe…
  • Nice thought, but it won’t work.
  • Meanwhile… up in the HOH room, Tyler, Cody, and Enzo discuss the Memphis situation and Cody throws out the idea of pulling one of the nominations to backdoor Memphis.
  • But they won’t do that.
  • Not because it would be a bad idea… because they’re all wienies that don’t want to take risks.
  • We find out that Christmas’ punishment for being the plus one is that she has to take care of an “All-Star Baby” all week.
  • It’s like a really creepy project from 6th grade health class.
  • Just when she thinks she’s had her hands full with one, she’s told that another baby is born… then another… and another… and then twins…
  • So… six?
  • And then triplets… nine total.
  • Janelle presents her case to be saved to Cody… and the show is edited in such a way to make it seem like he’s listening to what she has to say and may be swayed…
  • But that’s just how they edit these things.
  • I’d bet real money that he’s gonna keep nominations the same.
  • And… shocker… I was right.
  • Cody chooses not to use the Power of Veto.
  • Janelle is likely the target and will be sent home tomorrow night in the live show.

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