Big Brother All-Stars – Episode 8

Previously on BIG BROTHER

During Thursday’s live eviction show, Nicole A. was sent packing. This was a safe move for pretty much the entire house. Personally, I had no feelings either way about her eviction. Though it does mean that I don’t have to differentiate between the two Nicoles for the next two and a half months. Tyler became this week’s Head of Household, meaning that the same six-person alliance is still in power in the house.

  • Looks like there’s finally going to be some actual drama in the house this episode!
  • In the preview, the narrator said that a feud between Janelle and Nicole heats up.
  • Didn’t know they were feuding… I knew they were targeting each other, but didn’t realize that meant feud.
  • Another alliance has formed with Cody, Tyler, Enzo, Dani, Bayleigh, and Da’Vonne.
  • They’re calling themselves the Slick Six.
  • Insert eye roll here.
  • Last week’s Have Nots have to select four more Have Nots…
  • David chooses Enzo (who volunteered), Kaysar chooses Cody (who volunteered), Christmas chooses Bayleigh, Nicole chooses Janelle…
  • Nicole makes known her reasoning… “I wanna pick someone who hasn’t done it before and who likes to talk about me.”
  • Did she mean to say that out loud?
  • That’s the source of the “feud.”
  • It amounted to nothing.
  • Way to build things up to nothing, Big Brother.
  • Kaysar talks to Janelle about it being a tough week, thinking it’s them and Memphis against the world.
  • They really shouldn’t count on Memphis in the slightest.
  • But neither should Memphis’ actual alliance.
  • Some of the houseguests share that the Big Brother house now has a bidet toilet.
  • Apparently Enzo doesn’t know how to use it correctly and left it going when he left but didn’t clean up the water afterward.
  • I don’t care if it’s clean water… that’s gross.
  • Clean up after yourself if you’re the last one to misuse the bidet.
  • I really do like Janelle and Kaysar and I love their friendship…
  • And it bums me out that the Tyler alliances want them out.
  • So they’re the top two names that Tyler is throwing around for eviction.
  • Dani has discovered that Da’Vonne and Bayleigh are working with Janelle and Kaysar, not just their Slick Six.
  • It’s the last week for the Safety Suite and only four houseguests are eligible at this point.
  • Da’Vonne is trying to get whoever wins to choose her as their plus one because she wants a punishment… since she’s never had to wear a stupid costume before.
  • This week, houseguests have to maneuver their way through a laser grid to get to a vault and retrieve a “safety sphere,” then get back through the laser grid.
  • Fastest player to get through wins safety for the week.
  • The “safety sphere” is a friggin’ gigantic yoga ball… that kinda makes things more difficult.
  • Memphis purposely tries to take a long time because he doesn’t want to win… because he doesn’t want to have to use or not use the plus one on Kaysar or Janelle.
  • Enzo wins with the shortest time and chooses Christmas for his plus one.
  • Da’Vonne looks pissed…
  • His thought is that he’s not close to Christmas, so why not pull her in as a potential ally down the road.
  • Janelle is well aware that Memphis threw the competition after seeing his time of more than 14 minutes.
  • She knows he’ll never save her because he will continually play it safe.
  • I said it last week… he’s a wienie.
  • Things seem up in the air with nominations, but I’d still put money on Janelle and Kaysar being put up.
  • Tyler ends up nominating those very two… I am shocked.
  • Shocked!

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