Big Brother All-Stars – Episode 7

Previously on BIG BROTHER

Memphis won the Power of Veto last night, making him the sole power holder in the house this week. In spite of his alliance trying to talk him into taking down one of his nominees in favor of a houseguest who will pose a bigger threat in the long run, like Janelle or Kaysar. But Memphis is a wienie and decided not to use the Power of Veto, meaning that either David or Nicole A. will be sent packing during tonight’s live episode.

  • In the lead up to tonight’s live show…
  • Following the Veto meeting, Janelle and Nicole F. are both questioning Memphis’ decision to leave things as they are.
  • Both think it would have been a perfect opportunity to put up someone from the other side of the house.
  • Both not realizing that they’re basically talking about each other.
  • Nicole A. goes to Da’Vonne to try and secure a vote, but she’s having a hard time with that, considering the fact that there has never been an African-American winner of Big Brother.
  • Voting to evict David would decrease those odds this season.
  • Then Kaysar tries to convince Da’Vonne that David is on the outskirts of this alliance that he and Janelle have identified, still not knowing that Memphis is part of that very alliance.
  • She goes to David, but he’s not forthcoming with any information.
  • Nicole A. has Kaysar and Janelle fighting for her, but they’re convinced that the vote is pretty much split down the middle.
  • Kevin tells Nicole A. that the fact that those two are campaigning for her is not necessarily a good thing.
  • So she campaigns for herself and she’s ready to go up against Janelle… with a vengeance.
  • Janelle feels bad that Nicole doesn’t think she has her back.
  • Back to live action…
  • Julie wishes Dani a happy birthday before beginning the voting process.
  • David is first to try and give a final plea, followed by Nicole A.
  • Nicole kind of didn’t hold back, calling out Memphis specifically and a few others that remain nameless.
  • Tyler votes to evict Nicole…
  • Enzo votes to evict David…
  • Christmas votes to evict Nicole…
  • And another freakin’ commercial.
  • I am, by the way, keeping track of how many minutes worth of ads we’re getting in this hour of programming.
  • I still say it’ll be more what should be the average for one hour.
  • Kevin votes to evict David… sticking to his final two with Nicole.
  • Janelle votes to evict Nicole…
  • Da’Vonne votes to evict Nicole…
  • Kaysar votes to evict Nicole…
  • Bailey votes to evict Nicole…
  • Cody votes to evict Nicole…
  • Ian votes to evict Nicole…
  • Nicole F. votes to evict Nicole…
  • Dani votes to evict Nicole…
  • So Nicole A. is sent out the door with a vote of 10-2.
  • Honestly, I prefer her eviction over David’s at this point.
  • Because now I don’t have to differentiate between two Nicoles in the house anymore.
  • It’s so annoying having to add an initial at the end of a name.
  • Funny that the first two houseguests to be evicted this season were both America’s favorite houseguests in their respective seasons.
  • The Head of Household competition looks like it’s almost modeled after that old arcade game Root Beer Tapper.
  • Each houseguest has to slide beer mugs across long tables that have scores of 1 to 5 labeled on them.
  • They do it three times and then hit a button to stop their time… the timer is in case of a tie.
  • Tyler winds up winning and is the new Head of Household for the week.
  • As he is part of that big 6-person alliance, I think we can just expect things to remain status quo.
  • Though, Tyler may be more willing to make a big move like putting Janelle and Kaysar on the block against each other.
  • I like both of them and would like to see them stay… but it would be a big move that would benefit his alliance.
  • As for how much time was devoted to commercials?
  • I came up with 16 minutes, 22.55 seconds on my phone’s stopwatch.
  • The average for a one hour program is 16 minutes.
  • So it’s just barely over… I’m a little surprised.

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