Big Brother All-Stars – Episode 6

Previously on BIG BROTHER

As this week’s Head of Household, Memphis tried to get as many people to play in the Safety Suite as possible, paving the way for him to be the only one to play next week. Surprisingly, a lot of people went for it. Christmas won safety for the week and chose Ian as her plus one, removing a potential target that Memphis was thinking about nominating. Forced to make a different decision, he could have made a big move to take out some other big time player, but instead Memphis took the easy route and nominated Nicole A. and David for eviction.

  • Dani hated Memphis’ speech to the nominees, thinking it belittled David in particular, calling him out for being a rookie among all stars.
  • Tyler gives David a pep talk, which is cool of him.
  • That’s two people in Memphis’ alliance that aren’t cool with the way his HOH is going.
  • Janelle and Kaysar talk to Memphis to try and understand why he chose who he chose.
  • Memphis is just sitting there and laughing about David.
  • He clearly doesn’t care who goes home.
  • So then Janelle tries to plant the bug in Memphis’ ear about backdooring someone from his own alliance.
  • She doesn’t know that alliance exists… but Memphis won’t put up Nicole F. like Janelle wants.
  • By the way… to backdoor someone means to intentionally make sure the veto is used on someone that’s been nominated in order to put up a bigger target.
  • Memphis clues Cody in on the fact that Janelle and Kaysar are on to most of their alliance, figuring out that Cody, Dani, Nicole F., and Tyler are in it together.
  • Cody talks to the others in the alliance, even though Memphis told him to keep that between the two of them.
  • He wants Memphis to backdoor Janelle or Kaysar… but Memphis isn’t willing to do that either.
  • He’s such a wienie.
  • Players are chosen for the Veto competition.
  • Memphis pulls Ian, Nicole pulls Tyler, David pulls Nicole F.
  • Ian receives his “punishment” for being Christmas’ plus one from the Safety Suite.
  • It’s really, I wanna say, dumb.
  • They make him dress up as if he’s auditioning for a role in a fake movie and he has to perform scenes throughout the week.
  • And he has to drag other houseguests into it… so others are getting “punished,” too.
  • The real punishment is when he’s forced to do this stuff in the middle of the night and it wakes everyone else up.
  • Though, I guess it does give them something to do in the house other than nap and play pool.
  • Back to game talk, Nicole F. doesn’t understand why Janelle doesn’t want her to stay in the game.
  • Because you’ve won before!
  • I think that should be reason enough.
  • That’s why I would want her and Ian out of things.
  • Let someone new win!
  • Overall, Memphis’ alliance is losing faith in him… he’s not showing his cards to the people he’s supposed to be working with.
  • The Veto Competition is all about balance and patience and endurance.
  • They basically have to keep a ball balanced longer than everyone else.
  • Nicole A. is the first one out… not lasting very long.
  • Nicole F. is eliminated next.
  • Next out is Ian…
  • David tries yelling and making noise to try and throw Memphis off his game… doesn’t work.
  • David winds up being the one distracted because he keeps looking over at Memphis… then he drops his ball.
  • Tyler is the last one out, making Memphis the winner of the Veto.
  • That’s kind of a bummer because Tyler was ready to pull David off the block.
  • Knowing the way things have been going this season, Memphis won’t listen to anyone about the potential of pulling a backdoor on Janelle or Kaysar.
  • So he’ll keep the nominations the same.
  • Because that’s the safe thing to do.
  • Off topic, because I just saw a commercial…
  • Why is Quibi still trying to be a thing? Is anyone actually subscribed to that thing?
  • Seriously, if you’re a Quibi viewer, let me know in the comments what makes it worth having.
  • Not that I’d subscribe… I’m just curious to know if anyone actually pays for it.
  • Someone must be keeping it afloat.
  • Anyway… Memphis’ alliance is really pressuring him to backdoor Kaysar.
  • And that would be the smart move, because he has a chance to take out a big time player early in the game.
  • I still say he won’t…
  • And I was right.
  • Because Memphis is a wienie who is playing both sides of the house and wants to wait and see which side will benefit him most in the long run.
  • He’s not a team player this season.
  • I’m kind of wondering how he got as far as he did his first time in the house.
  • Oh… Because Dan carried his butt the whole way.
  • The editors really haven’t pieced footage together in any way that gives us an indicator as to how the house will vote tomorrow night.
  • So it could go either way…

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