Rewatching Angel – Episode 82

Welcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • Everyone’s in shock at seeing Cordelia so far along in a pregnancy that can’t bee that far along.
  • Connor is kind of a brat about it… because that’s what Connor does.
  • Cordelia hides from everyone that she can see the baby moving around and not in a lightly feel a kick here and there kind of way.
  • In a park, at night, a sketchy guy meets with Gwen Raiden.
  • She gives him cash in exchange for some info on a job she’s gonna pull.
  • Then she gets struck by lightning and the dude gets scared and runs off.
  • Later, Angel reveals to the others that Angelus didn’t kill Lilah… believing the Beast did it.
  • Angel rallies the troops… look into mystical pregnancies… figure out why the Beast’s Master wanted Angelus brought out…
  • Enter: Gwen Raiden…
  • She tells them there’s a girl in trouble who needs their help.
  • When Connor and Cordelia are alone, he questions her motives… especially behind her telling him that Willow was opening a gateway to evil and that Angelus needed to be killed.
  • Cordelia tells him that now she knows she can trust him no matter what.
  • But does he trust her?
  • Before the baby comes, she may ask him to do things… but there will always be a reason.
  • Gunn goes with Gwen to help with her case.
  • She gives him the low down, that there’s a girl, Lisa, that’s been kidnapped and it’s her fault, so she wants to save her.
  • Gunn and Gwen get to the party where Lisa is supposedly being held, but there’s a problem with their invitations.
  • Gunn turns out to be more smooth than Gwen thought he could be, charming the host into allowing them to join the party without incident.
  • While hitting the books, Wes tries to explain his relationship with Lilah to Fred.
  • Cordelia goes to visit Angel while he’s trying to figure out stuff with the Beast and its Master.
  • From the way Angel is baiting Cordelia, slamming the Master’s sanity and intelligence… sure seems like he knows she’s the Big Bad.
  • At the party, Gwen has discovered they’re gonna kill Lisa tonight.
  • She plans to make a distraction while Gunn grabs the girl and gets her out of there.
  • Instead… she reports Gunn for taking the girl.
  • He’s soon in a fight with three bodyguards… then a few more.
  • Once Gunn takes down the guards, he tells the girl he’s taking her home.
  • But she tells him she is home…
  • Gunn confronts Gwen as she’s breaking into a safe that contains the real LISA.
  • It’s a device that will allow Gwen to control her powers.
  • Lorne interrupts Angel and the gang’s research to reveal he’s found a magical ritual that will allow him to be empathic again, which will then allow him to read Cordelia and her unborn spawn.
  • Back at the party, before Gunn and Gwen can escape with LISA, they’re stopped by all the guards and the host…
  • But she refuses to return the device and pretty much electrocutes everyone in the room.
  • Not sure if anyone died… so I’m not counting those.
  • Lorne heads to a secluded location where he begins his ritual.
  • Cordelia has followed him and watches with a dagger.
  • Back at Gwen’s place, she and Gunn make a connection and she has him use the device on her.
  • LISA does her thing and suddenly Gunn can touch Gwen’s skin without getting a shock.
  • So, of course, they have the sex.
  • I guess this means that he and Fred are definitely donezo, right?
  • Cordelia sneaks up on Lorne, ready to strike.
  • But then the lights come on and Angel’s right behind her.
  • And Wes and Fred are in front of her with guns pointed.
  • Lorne reveals that his ritual was hiding a Magic 8-Ball.
  • When he asks, “Has Cordy been a bad girl?” the 8-Ball says “Definitely.”
  • Body count: Unless those guys at the party died from Gwen’s shock, there were no deaths. So…

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