Big Brother All-Stars – Episode 5

Previously on BIG BROTHER

Keesha was the first houseguest to be evicted this season. I think that was a mistake, but whatever, I’m not in the house. After Thursday’s Head of Household competition, Memphis was crowned the new HOH. This means that whatever Cody would have planned for a second consecutive week will happen because Cody and Memphis are pretty tight.

  • It sounds like a lot of people aren’t sure what to think about Memphis being Head of Household.
  • Bayleigh and Janelle both feel safe… only because they have no reason to think Memphis would be targeting them.
  • Memphis announces a new rule for the Have Nots this season.
  • To be a Have Not means you spend the week sleeping in an uncomfortable room taking only cold showers and being allowed to eat only slop for the week.
  • Apparently slop is disgusting.
  • Outgoing Have Nots this season choose Have Nots to replace them for the next week.
  • So this week, the Have Nots are David, Kaysar, Nicole F., and Christmas.
  • David is certain that Memphis picking him as a Have Not is a precursor to being nominated for eviction this week.
  • Cody and Memphis throw around a bunch of names for eviction.
  • Da’Vonne opens up about being bullied from childhood through adulthood for her skin color.
  • Memphis wants to convince some folks in his alliance to play in this week’s Safety Suite.
  • That’s actually smart, so that it doesn’t look suspicious when he’s not nominating people in his alliance.
  • Christmas seems to be on board… but Nicole F. and Dani don’t want to do it.
  • Now we’ve reached the part of the episode where individuals go up to the HOH room to see where Memphis’ head’s at.
  • He’s pretty much trying to get everyone to play the Safety Suite so that he can play it next week without any competition.
  • But a lot of people see through that scheme and don’t much like being told to play for Safety.
  • So many people went through with it though…
  • Seven houseguests are competing in the Safety Suite.
  • This week’s Safety Suite involves balancing “drinks” on tabletops that are super wobbly.
  • The fastest to get all the drinks to the right tables will win and can choose a plus one for safety.
  • Christmas won with the fastest time and the only one to do it all in under two minutes.
  • She picks Ian as her plus one… which I’m not sure Memphis will be thrilled with.
  • But she’s smart to pick someone who isn’t in their alliance.
  • Memphis winds up nominating Nicole A. and David.
  • Safe and predictable once again… no big moves guys. No big moves.
  • Pathetic.

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