Big Brother All-Stars – Episode 2

I think the best part of having a golf tournament in San Francisco is that it doesn’t start until later in the evening, meaning that Big Brother won’t even begin until after 10:00. I think that’s because I love staying up late. Especially when I have to get up early for work in the morning because it’s one of those rare days when a client actually has an early appointment they have to get to, rather than the typical day where I work from home by making phone calls throughout the day.

I haven’t been watching the live feeds. I tried to watch some of whatever was going on inside the house on Friday for a while. Honestly, though, the live feeds are kind of boring. There’s a reason episodes are edited by the production staff each week.

It’s 10:08 and the show is finally starting.

I want to go to bed.

There are 16 houseguests in the Big Brother house this summer. And they are all players who have been there before. A lot of them are minor legends in the history of Big Brother.

And then there’s David. This is a guy who was in the house last season and was sent home on the first night. Not legendary.

But I’m kinda glad he’s back in and can get some kind of redemption.

I’ve been watching Big Brother since the 8th season, which is the year after the last time they did an All-Star season. So, among this year’s All-Stars, there is only one houseguest that I don’t recognize. His name is Kaysar and he’s been in the house twice… in seasons six and seven (the first All-Star year).

Everyone else has been in the game at least once in the last 14 seasons.

Of the people that I actively remember from previous appearances, I really like and am pulling for Memphis, Keesha, Cody (the first and current Head of Household), Janelle, and Dani. And, honestly, I’d like to see David and Christmas both do well this time.

As I said before, David got sent home on night one last year. Christmas broke her foot in the first week of her season, which made competing next to impossible. However, she did make to third place… hmm… the social game is strong with this one.

I definitely don’t want to see anyone win this year if they’ve won it before. I’m looking at you, Ian. You too, Nicole F. Yeah, there are two Nicoles in the house this season. That won’t be confusing.

There are always twists in the game format every season. This year, there’s something called the Safety Suite. Each week, the Safety Suite will be open for a specific period of time and houseguests can participate in one-at-a-time competitions that could potentially keep them safe from nominations that week.

Problem is, if a houseguest wants to compete in the Safety Suite, they only get to compete once. Once they use their “VIP Pass” to the Safety Suite, they don’t get it back. So if they don’t win their safety, they don’t get to try for it any other weeks, assuming they didn’t just paint a huge target on their backs for trying to win safety for the week.

So many complications…

It kills me how so many people complain about how they haven’t taken time to talk to Cody to see where his head is at regarding nominations and who could go home this week. I’m just yelling at the screen… GO TALK TO HIM THEN!

The dude is literally just sitting up in the HOH room and is willing to talk to anyone who comes and talks to him.

At the same time… no one trusts anything that anyone has to say. Already… It’s, like… day 2. NO TRUST.

But that’s how it works in the Big Brother house. You cannot trust anyone. Even the person you think is your best friend in the house could turn on you at the drop of a hat. Because, ultimately, everyone is playing for him or herself. $500,000 is on the line.

Kaysar and Janelle both decide at the last second to go for the Safety Suite. And it’s a good thing, too, since Cody is considering the two of them for this week’s nominations. The competition is basically a bigger, more complicated game of Simon, pushing buttons in the right order.

After both players get a chance to play through the competition, Kaysar emerges the winner, guaranteeing him safety from nominations this week. The winner is allowed to pick a plus one, who will also be safe for the week, but has to deal with some sort of punishment at the same time. Kaysar decides to keep Janelle safe, too.

In spite of knowing nothing about Kaysar before last Thursday, I think he might grow on me.

Because his potential targets are now untouchable, Cody has to reevaluate his nominations. He’s considering putting up Kevin and Keesha. Ugh…

Put up Nicole and Ian. They’ve both won it before. Therefore, they’re threats. Whatever… I’d probably be sent home the first week anyway, so my opinion wouldn’t really count for much.

Janelle’s punishment is to wear a ridiculous outfit for a week. She looks like a living invincibility star from Super Mario Bros. Or the Hardee’s mascot.

Cody ultimately chooses to nominate Keesha and Kevin for eviction this week. No one wants to be the first one to get evicted, but it’s gotta be someone. They can fight for the Power of Veto and potentially save themselves from the chopping block.

Guess we’ll see what happens Wednesday.


3 thoughts on “Big Brother All-Stars – Episode 2

  1. You’re gonna love Kaysar. He’s a throwback to a time when houseguests actually used a psychological strategic approach, with meaning to everything they say, rather that just “Let’s nominate ___ because I don’t know them.”

    I think the show needs to introduce new punishments. These “costumes” aren’t really punishments and have run their course.

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