Big Brother Returns

Kids, summer’s almost over and it’s finally summer. I know it’s summer because Big Brother finally premiered tonight.

It’s an All-Star season, which means that we don’t have any brand new houseguests competing this year. The entire cast is made up of previous houseguests who played the game with varying levels of success (or lack thereof).

As someone who has been watching this show since 2008, it’s exciting to see so many of these returning faces and even a few favorites that I’d completely forgotten about in the years since their last appearances on this show.

It’s always funny to watch the first episode of Big Brother each season as the brand new houseguests always walk in optimistic and friendly and putting on their best smiles while they pop open the champaign and toast the season together. Then a week later they’re stabbing each other in the back.

This time, it felt a little more pure seeing these houseguests meet for the first time inside the house. They’re all a part of this fraternity of contestants that have played this game, so it’s likely they’ve all met at one point or another. Some of them even competed during the same season. So watching the reunion of sorts was kind of heartwarming. Even though they’ll be stabbing each other in the back next week.

I’ve gotta say… I’m disappointed by the way the Head of Household competition has been handled tonight. Here’s how it worked… They moved the houseguests in in groups of four, split up by gender. First we had four of the women move in, then four of the men, four more women, then the final four men.

As soon as each group entered the house, they had to run to the back yard to look at an image, then run back inside to figure out what room that pictured item was in. Then they go back outside to do this labyrinth maze game where they had to move a ball into the correct slot indicating which room was the correct answer.

Right away, the competition was swayed toward the men as the correct answers for the women’s questions were located at the far end of the maze board. The men’s correct slots were pretty close to the start of the maze. That’s balanced.

It was supposed to work out to where the first two to complete the maze correctly would move on to the actual Head of Household competition. Which means it should have been a competition between four women and four men. But they put a time limit on the maze portion, meaning that only one woman from each foursome made it through.

See what I mean by the competition being a little unbalanced?

Sure enough, a dude won the HOH. And maybe it would have worked out that way anyway. But it sure started out looking like there was a bias on the part of the production staff. Or whoever it was that designed this particular competition.

So… I’m just gonna throw this out there to anyone who reads my blog. Would y’all be interested in reading my thoughts on this particular reality competition as the season continues? Let me know if that’s something you’d like to see moving forward!


3 thoughts on “Big Brother Returns

  1. I’d like to read your thoughts! I was thinking of doing something similar, but don’t know how often. I feel like production overlooked the fairness of the competition because they probably assumed 4 minutes was more than enough time for them to finish the maze, regardless of location. I’m sure they even had people test it out. That said, I don’t think they factored in all the adrenaline and nerves the contestants would have – they were clearly over-eager – and therefore didn’t even notice the women would have the tougher task.

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