Rewatching Angel – Episode 80

Welcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • Wesley gets Faith back to his place to give her a chance to recover.
  • She’s badly hurt… still bleeding…
  • But she’s a Slayer and will, therefore, heal quickly.
  • While she’s in the shower, she freaks out a little and smashes some of the ceramic tile in front of her.
  • I don’t think Wes will be getting his security deposit back.
  • Back at a demon bar, Angelus is bragging about taking out the Beast.
  • A loud mouth demon sitting nearby gives him a hard time about bringing the sun back.
  • Angelus isn’t thrilled with being critiqued and just as he’s about to rip out said demon’s windpipe, he hears a voice telling him it’s time they had a talk.
  • When he talks back, it’s clear he’s the only one who can hear the voice.
  • The voice is angry that Angelus killed the Beast…
  • It’s Cordelia talking, but Angelus is hearing someone that sounds a lot like David Ogden Stiers.
  • Angelus is less than cooperative and doesn’t really feel like taking orders from a big scary voice in his head.
  • Connor interrupts Cordelia’s telepathic call to Angelus, bringing her a blanket.
  • Cordelia tells Connor that they need to keep the pregnancy a secret for now because it would probably scare them…
  • The baby is growing quickly and she assumes everyone will want to kill it, the way they wanted to kill Connor before he was born.
  • This whole thing with the two of them… creeps me out.
  • And it’s awkward how Cordelia is always just “resting” up in her room.
  • While Fred is alone in the office, Angelus arrives.
  • She warns him about the sanctuary spell, but he says he came prepared, swinging around some kind of talisman that should allow him to be as violent as he wants.
  • Doesn’t take long before she figures out his talisman’s a fake, so she smashes a pitcher over his head and tries to tranq him.
  • He dodges, she accidentally hits Lorne, then he blocks with a book he stole.
  • Upstairs, Connor rushes in to attack, but the sanctuary spell stops him, knocking him over the balcony and down to the lobby floor.
  • So the no-demon-violence spell keeps Connor from being violent, too?
  • Angelus leaves just as Faith and Wes enter the courtyard outside.
  • They begin to fight, but Angelus gets his hand around Wes’ throat, threatening to break his neck, taunting Faith into making her move.
  • But she hesitates… a little too long, methinks.
  • Gunn rushes out and tosses Faith a tranq rifle.
  • Angelus tosses Wes at Gunn and Faith fires, missing several times as Angelus escapes.
  • Connor rushes upstairs to make sure Cordelia is okay.
  • She’s not thrilled that Angelus took everything they had on whoever the Beast was working for.
  • Wes and Faith go back out to find Angelus and Wes gives Faith a stern talking to about her hesitation.
  • She didn’t want to risk him killing Wes, but he informs her that he’s an animal and she needs to be just as vicious.
  • Angelus has set up shop in an occult shop, torturing the shopkeeper to get some insight on the info he stole.
  • Suddenly the voice makes itself known again.
  • It isn’t happy that Angelus is trying to find out what it is.
  • The voice makes it clear that it has Angel’s soul and threatens to restore him if Angelus does not cooperate.
  • So he gives in… and refers to the voice as Master…
  • The voice is masculine, but I think Mistress would be more fitting.
  • Fred and Gunn have a kiss and make up moment… but I think they both realize they’re too far gone.
  • Back at that demon bar, Faith tortures the same loud mouth demon from before about Angelus’ location.
  • Wes is nearly attacked from behind, but he shoots the demon with his shotgun, knowing that its face will grow back.
  • Then he aims the weapon at loud mouth and Faith asks if the same will happen for him.
  • He gets really chatty at this point…
  • Mostly just tells them that Angelus started talking to himself and wandered into the back rooms.
  • They head back there and find humans that have taken drugs and then allowed themselves to be fed on by vampires.
  • A vampire doesn’t much care for them being back there, but they dust him pretty easily.
  • Cordelia and Connor discuss the whole anti-demon spell working against him thing…
  • Every conversation they have is uncomfortable!
  • Like… more forced than Anakin and Padme in Episode II uncomfortable.
  • Faith questions a drugged out girl about Angelus but she claims to know nothing.
  • Then Wes plays bad cop, stabbing the girl in the shoulder and she gives Wes lots of info about Angelus’ side of the conversation.
  • Wes turns on Faith at this point…
  • He reminds her of the person she used to be… the person who once tortured him for hours for pleasure.
  • Faith needs to be a little more like her old self if she’s going to beat Angelus.
  • But she can’t be that person anymore…
  • Lorne finally regains consciousness and recognizes the fake talisman that Angelus was waving around.
  • Said that a guy named Maury sells them out of a shop.
  • They call Wes and let him know where to find Maury.
  • Wes and Faith come across a dead body (Maury? But not the shopkeeper from earlier? I’m confused).
  • Then Angelus emerges fromt he shadows behind them.
  • Apparently Cordelia informed him that they’d be there looking for him.
  • Another fight breaks out and Angelus is kicking Faith’s butt…
  • Then she gets the upper hand…
  • Angelus continuously taunts her about the killer she once was, but she tells him she’s different now… she’s not like him.
  • Then he jumps at her and tells her she will be, just before he sinks his fangs into her neck.
  • Body count: Vampires – 1

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