Rewatching Angel – Episode 79

Welcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • I forgot about the cliffhanger from a couple weeks back…
  • Angelus comes across Lilah’s lifeless body.
  • Though he doesn’t get to have the privilege of killing her himself, he does take the liberty to feed from the neck wound that Cordelia conveniently left behind.
  • Gunn and Wes find him feeding on Lilah, so he drops her and escapes, jumping out a nearby window and back into the eternal night of Los Angeles.
  • In the lobby, Cordelia has injured herself in the leg, helping to cover her true motives.
  • Connor wants to go after Angelus, but Wes points out that sort of quick action is what led to Angelus doubling back to the hotel in the first place.
  • Lorne suggests a sanctuary spell, like he used to have at his club, which prevents demon violence.
  • It wouldn’t prevent Angelus from dropping by, but it would keep him from hurting anyone else on the property.
  • Connor isn’t thrilled with the thought of using more magic, claiming it never seems to work out the way they think it will.
  • Which leads Fred to ask why Cordelia’s vision/spell to re-ensoul Angel didn’t work.
  • She has no answer.
  • But we all know now that it didn’t work because it was never meant to work.
  • Then Gunn questions why Lorne read Angelus as Angel…
  • But Cordelia tells them not to blame Lorne since she’s the one who let him out.
  • Suddenly, Connor says they need to destroy her… Lilah… claiming she could turn.
  • I never understood this logic and am 100% with Gunn on this when he says there wasn’t enough time.
  • There is no evidence to lead anyone to think Angelus could have sired Lilah.
  • Wes and Gunn got to him and he dropped her lifeless body.
  • There’s no blood on her lips, meaning she never drank from Angelus.
  • Why Wes goes along with this, I don’t know.
  • Angelus hits up a vampire bar and they’re all thrilled to see that he’s back in charge of his own body.
  • He gets fed up real quickly with a vampire groupie who claims they spent time together in Tuscany back in 1845.
  • So he dusts her.
  • Angelus is looking for information about where he can find the Beast.
  • Down in the basement, Wes prepares to behead Lilah, then hallucinates a final conversation with her.
  • Which, to the untrained eye, may seem like Lilah has risen as the walking undead… but she’s really dead.
  • Way too soon for her to rise, even if she was turned.
  • A couple of vampire lackeys lead Angelus to a shady looking place… where something seems to get his attention.
  • Back at the hotel, Lorne and the gang are prepping the non-violence spell.
  • Connor’s pacing… itching to get out there and kill Angelus.
  • Cordelia tries to talk him into staying, but passes out in the process.
  • Probably from all that “blood loss” she experienced earlier.
  • Lorne and Gunn discuss the fact that they’re not going to be able to stop Connor from going out and trying to find and kill Angelus.
  • Gunn brings up the point, without Angel around, who could stop him?
  • Cut to a women’s prison in Stockton where we are once again introduced to Faith, the Vampire Slayer.
  • During some yard time, Faith is attacked by another inmate named Deb who just happens to be wielding a familiar blade…
  • That blade just happens to be similar to the ones used by the First Evil’s Harbingers when they’ve taken down Potential Slayers.
  • After some more hallucinatory discussion, Wes finally removes Lilah’s head.
  • Angelus finally finds the Beast, who explains that his master has orchestrated everything in order to bring forth Angelus.
  • Angelus is meant to take orders from the mastermind through the Beast.
  • He notices the weapon that Cordelia used to kill Lilah…
  • But he tells the Beast that he doesn’t like to take orders from a lackey.
  • He basically taunts the Beast into a fight, but runs off, telling the Beast he’ll come back when the guy in charge is ready to show his face.
  • As soon as Angelus is gone, Cordelia steps out of the shadows and berates the Beast for allowing Angelus to goad him into a fight.
  • That explains how the weapon forged of the Beast’s bones happened to be sitting nearby.
  • Then she makes out with the Beast a little…
  • Uh… okay…
  • Back at the hotel, Lorne’s spell works.
  • How do we find out?
  • Because Lorne gets sick of Connor’s bratty complaining and attacks him from behind with a candlestick.
  • Wes comes back upstairs and asks where Cordelia is…
  • She’s “upstairs.”
  • He’s decided they need to bring Angelus in alive, so it’s good that the sanctuary spell is working.
  • Wes knows exactly who they need to help them save Angel.
  • So he visits Faith.
  • She’s aware of what’s going on in LA and he says they need her.
  • Faith bears the unhappy news that she’s kind unavailable at the moment, what with her serving time and all.
  • All Wes has to say is that Angelus is back and she’s ready to pull a prison break.
  • Sidebar: I’ve always liked Faith.
  • I liked her has a rogue Slayer.
  • And I liked her as a reformed rogue Slayer.
  • I really wish she’d gone through with the potential spin-off after Buffy ended.
  • Driving back to LA, Wes fills Faith in on all that’s been happening in the lives of Team Angel in the last few years.
  • She tells him that if he’s expecting her to kill Angelus, he’s got the wrong girl, since Angel is basically the only one who’s genuinely stood beside her in all this time.
  • Wes says that’s why it has to be her, because she’ll do everything she can to save him instead of kill him… unlike Angel’s own kid.
  • But Wes is concerned that Faith may be a little rusty.
  • He obviously didn’t see her fight that agent of the First, Deb.
  • So he stops the car just as they get into LA to make sure she’s still up to the task of being the Chosen Other One.
  • She’s pulled out of the car by a vampire and Wes moves quickly to hit another vampire with his own car door.
  • He tells the vampire on his side of the car that Faith’s the one he wants and suddenly the vampire realizes she’s a Slayer…
  • …And he takes off running.
  • Faith easily slays the two vampires fighting her.
  • When they get back to the hotel, and she quickly takes over forming a hunting party.
  • She lays down the law about the fact that this is a recovery operation and she does not put up with any lip from Connor.
  • Oh, and Cordelia is pissed that Faith is in the mix now.
  • Back on the streets, a girl is being chased by a couple of vampires and she runs into Angelus, who pretends he’s there to save her.
  • As he’s about to feed on her himself, he overhears someone telling the other vampires that the Slayer is in town.
  • Distracted, he releases the girl and sort of grins.
  • Angelus calls the Summers residence and asks Dawn if her sister is around.
  • Since she is… he realizes Faith is making a guest appearance.
  • Using Connor as a bloodhound, Faith’s posse tracks Angelus.
  • She tells everyone (Connor) to keep an eye on the periphery, reiterating that this is a salvage mission.
  • Immediately, a vampire jumps out of the shadows and Connor beheads him.
  • This, of course, pisses Faith off because she knows he thought it was Angelus.
  • He can’t listen, he’s no good to Faith…
  • She says he’ll do as he’s told… but he doesn’t want to.
  • Bratty kid… and Faith basically spanks him.
  • “Are you a murderer?” she asks him, “‘Cause I am. And if it comes down to you or Angelus, you haven’t shown me a thing to make me wanna take your side.”
  • I freakin’ love her.
  • She and Wes split off and find a big sign welcoming Faith to town.
  • Faith takes the high road and tells Wes to stay low, where he’s quickly ambushed by two of Angelus’ flunkies.
  • Angelus taunts Faith from a hidden position before finally revealing himself to her.
  • Oh, and the Beast is there, too.
  • Cue Admiral Ackbar.
  • The Beast isn’t thrilled about Angelus luring a Slayer there.
  • But he explains that she’s there to put a kink in his and his master’s plans, so he should probably take her down.
  • Faith does better one-on-one with the Beast than anyone else has.
  • But still gets her butt handed to her.
  • The Beast looks down at a bruised and bleeding Slayer and taunts her, asking if this is all she is.
  • He points out that she couldn’t even defeat him, how could she possibly go up against his master.
  • Angelus comes up and agrees, pointing out that the only thing that could really hurt the Beast is himself…
  • Or a piece of himself.
  • Then Angelus stabs the Beast in the back with the weapon he had originally given Cordelia.
  • The Beast begins to glow and break apart and Angelus just smiles, saying he knew it.
  • The light from the Beast shoots upward, reviving the sun.
  • The two vampires fighting Wesley immediately fry.
  • Angelus tells Faith he was glad the Beast was able to soften her up for him.
  • She clearly isn’t in the mood to fight at the moment, so she swings some chains and breaks a window, bathing her in sunlight.
  • Angelus can’t reach her, so the next round will have to wait for now.
  • Back at the hotel, Connor is excited to let Cordelia know that Faith took out the Beast…
  • She’s clearly less than thrilled with this turn of events.
  • But she reveals to Connor that she’s pregnant with his child.
  • Body count: Vampires – 6; Beasts – 1

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