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Raise your hand if you remember Wizard, the magazine that mostly focused on what was going on in the comic book industry?

Just me? Cool.

Well, this was a monthly publication that I picked up whenever a new issue showed up at my local comic shop. I considered Wizard to be just as important to my haul as the newest issue of Superman or Action Comics.

The first time I got my hands on anything published by Wizard was when they put out a special edition commemorating The Death of Superman storyline that had just seen the Man of Steel fall at the hands of the brand new super-villain, Doomsday. This issue featured a ton of articles devoted to Superman through the ages, from his beginnings in 1938 through all the strangest of Silver Age stories up to the modern interpretation of the character that had been revamped in 1986.

In the back, I found what I would discover was a regular feature, a comics pricing guide. For this Death of Superman issue, the guide listed comics related to Superman, showing how much they were supposedly worth in mint condition. At that point, my collection wasn’t that impressive, but I was still fascinated to find out if the few issues of Superman I had were worth a little more than I paid for them.

Really, they weren’t…

After that special edition, I started picking up Wizard magazine regularly. Some of the regular features I remember looking forward to were contests that challenged readers to send in drawings based on certain criteria each month. One I remember in particular was back when DC and Marvel did a crossover called Amalgam Comics, where characters combined to become new characters (Batman & Wolverine became Dark Claw; Superman & Captain America became Super Soldier). Based on that idea, readers were encouraged to come up with their own wild combinations and send in their original designs.

There were how to columns that featured writers and artists from the comics industry, giving readers an idea of what it’s like to put together a comic book from start to finish. And one of the fun regular features was a Casting Call, which had the Wizard writers dream about who would be the perfect actors to cast in potential movies based on comic book properties. Of course, this was in those years before super-hero movies were a bankable commodity.

I stopped buying Wizard when I stopped collecting comics. From what I understand, they changed the format of the magazine a couple of times. Then they stopped publishing the magazine altogether.

Part of me wishes I still had all those old magazines, even though I got rid of them before I got rid of my comics. It would be fun to look back on all those old issues… sort of like traveling back in time.

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