Coming Soon: The Television Theme Song Tournament of Champions

Television. For decades it has informed us of the scariest parts of our world. It has entertained us and given us reasons to laugh in the face of those scariest parts of our world. It has thrilled us and kept us on the edges of our seats as we ask questions that may or may not receive answers. It has even lent a hand in raising and, to a certain degree, educating our children.

Since the TV made its way into our homes, it has played host to countless programs. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of series have come and gone over the decades, each one memorable in its own way. Or not. There must be a few shows that saw the light of day that even its creators would rather forget about.

In all this time, the vast majority of the most memorable television shows have come along with memorable theme songs. The question must be raised: what is the best TV theme song of all time?

To that end, I have developed a bracket which will be similar to the classic NCAA basketball tournament bracket. One change from the start is the addition of an extra round, meaning this bracket begins with 128 choices, rather than 64.

The bracket is divided into four quadrants: Sitcoms of the 1950s-1970s; Sitcoms of the 1980s-Present; Dramas; and Children’s Television.

Over the course of the coming weeks, I will be posting polls to this blog’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, pitting TV shows against one another and allowing anyone on social media to vote for which theme song is the better of the choices.

Want to play along? Then be sure to follow The Confusing Middle on Facebook and/or Twitter so you can make your voice heard! If you’re interested in seeing the entire bracket check out the image below.

And I know what some folks are gonna say… “You left out fill-in-the-blank!” Imagine how many other shows I’d have left out if I had stuck to beginning with 64 TV shows like I had originally planned. There has been a lot of TV over the years. This bracket may not be perfect, but I hope it reflects most of the more popular shows in history.

So be sure to follow this blog on social media and remember to vote early and vote often!

Feature Photo by Scheier .hr on Unsplash


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