Rewatching Angel – Episode 78

Welcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • Connor, Wes, and Cordelia confront the shaman about Angel’s missing soul.
  • He doesn’t have it… has no need for it…
  • But he does tell them that the soul is still in the containment jar.
  • At the hotel, Fred and Gunn watch Angelus on the monitor.
  • With his super hearing, he can still basically have a twisted conversation.
  • But Gunn turns off the monitor and Fred reminds him that it’s just words.
  • That’s the only way he can hurt them because he knows he’s never getting out of that cage.
  • Cut to the basement… enter Lilah…
  • With a crowbar?
  • She wants Angelus to stop the Beast.
  • He thinks that maybe they can come to an arrangement.
  • Upstairs, Fred and Gunn are talking things out… pretty sure they’re breaking up.
  • This has been a long time coming, let’s be honest.
  • When Connor, Wes, and Cordy get back, they finally notice that Lilah’s downstairs.
  • Angelus nearly grabs her but Gunn tranqs him and she takes off for the sewer.
  • Wes goes after her.
  • He asks how she knew about Angelus.
  • She said she wasn’t really going to release him.
  • She just wanted Angelus to believe it.
  • In her secret lair, Lilah has a copy of a book that Wes also has…
  • Except the version she has a passage about the Beast.
  • She got this book from another dimension.
  • This leads to the question, what if, at some point in time, there was information about the Beast out there, but it all vanished from this dimension.
  • Back in the cage, Angelus wakes up and informs the gang that the Beast has a boss.
  • Angelus explains the Beast is good with the smash and slaughter, but not with big picture stuff.
  • Someone has to be pulling the strings for the Beast to be able to do all it takes to cause a rain of fire and blot out the sun.
  • Wes brings Lilah back to the hotel.
  • She insists she doesn’t have Angel’s soul.
  • Wes explains the deal with everything about the Beast being deleted from this dimension, which also explains why Angel’s memory of the Beast didn’t exist.
  • Gunn decides to go down and guard Angelus with his flamethrower.
  • Angelus reveals that Angel figured out what happened to the professor…
  • But it’s Gunn that reveals that Fred didn’t kill him, he did.
  • Upstairs, Fred tells Wes that she and Gunn are through.
  • Before anything else can happen, Cordelia and Lilah come in and he decides to relieve Gunn in the basement.
  • Lorne returns with no good news about Angel’s soul.
  • Cordelia gets into an argument with Lilah, who’s lost all hope.
  • Then she has a vision and claims she knows how to return Angel’s soul.
  • When Fred goes down to tell Wes about Cordelia’s vision, Angelus lets it slip that Wes and Lilah have been sleeping together for months.
  • It clearly affects Fred, but she says it’s none of her business.
  • Gunn and Connor go to exhume a grave to retrieve the skull of some kind of demon that seems to be able to phase in and out of reality.
  • It puts up a weird fight, but Gunn is able to behead it.
  • Elsewhere, the Beast presents his boss with a weapon, forged from his own bones.
  • Back in the basement, the gang sets up Cordelia’s apparent spell.
  • Angelus can’t believe they’re trying to restore his soul using black magic.
  • Lilah’s certain they’re going to suck the hotel into a hell dimension.
  • Angelus is right about one thing… the good guys can’t save the world because they’re too busy at each others’ throats.
  • The spell seems to do something…
  • Cordelia asks if it’s Angel.
  • He tells them he’s so sorry…
  • They get him to sing for Lorne to read him.
  • Lorne confirms it’s Angel.
  • They’re about to let him out, but Angel insists on staying in the cage, just in case Cordelia’s spell is temporary.
  • He tells the team to stop fighting each other and focus on taking down the Beast and the Beastmaster.
  • Angel gives everyone their assignments.
  • Cordelia refuses to take orders from Angel if he’s too scared to get out of the cage.
  • She tells him the Powers That Be need a champion… she even quotes Star Wars saying, he might be their only hope, Obi-Wan.
  • That can’t be right… Cordelia quoting Star Wars?
  • So she lets him out of the cage.
  • And he’s still Angelus.
  • Cordelia gets away from Angelus, but he manages to knock her out and leave her in the cage.
  • Then he heads upstairs.
  • Instead of attacking everyone, he takes off, claiming he has to save the world.
  • Then they notice Cordelia unconscious on the monitor.
  • Everyone but Lilah and Cordelia head after Angelus.
  • Angelus, meanwhile, is roaming around LA and can’t stand the fact that there are no fresh victims around.
  • All these demons from out of town have come in to terrorize the joint.
  • Angelus doubles back and chases Lilah through the hotel, leaving Cordy hurt on the lobby floor.
  • Cordelia finds Lilah in an upstairs hallway.
  • Lilah warns her that Angelus is going to kill them.
  • “I know…”
  • Then she stabs Lilah in the neck with the dagger made from the bones of the Beast.
  • “Why do you think I let him out?”
  • And Cordelia is the big bad. Awesome.
  • Have I said I don’t really like this season?
  • ‘Cause I don’t.
  • Body count: Demons – 1; Humans – 1

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