Rewatching Angel – Episode 76

Welcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • The sun is blotted out.
  • Local news tries to make sense of things, but they’re stumped.
  • Fred is working on research to bring back the light, but she needs Wesley’s help…
  • Who happens to be gone at the moment.
  • Gunn complains that he and Gwen both took off.
  • Meanwhile, Connor tells them they’re wasting their time with the research since “the answer is among us,” looking at his father.
  • Angel is in the office with Lorne, singing and attempting to be read.
  • Whatever Angelus knows about this Beast and its plan, Angel is clueless.
  • Cordelia attempts to make Connor see this difference, but Connor still believes that Angel and Angelus are one and the same.
  • “Believe me, you’ve never met Angelus.”
  • So Gunn starts thinking maybe it’s time to meet Angelus.
  • But Cordy says that the only way for that to happen is for Angelus to return is for Angel to lose his soul, which would require a moment of perfect happiness, an emotion that’s running low these days.
  • Lorne comes up with nothing in the reading.
  • Angel can’t understand why he doesn’t have a memory of Angelus encountering the Beast, when he remembers every other atrocity that Angelus has committed.
  • Kinda the point of that curse, that he feels remorse for all of it.
  • Elsewhere, Wesley bursts into some mystic lair and informs the mystic that he needs a soul extracted.
  • Angel comes out of the office and tries to begin a pep talk, but Connor interrupts and goes all Connor on him.
  • You know, blaming Angel for everything… my life sucks because of you.
  • Angel just tells him to get over it.
  • Wes walks in with Wo-Pang, the mystic who can allegedly extract Angel’s soul and then restore it once they find out what Angelus knows.
  • Angel’s a little pissed that Wesley would bring in a dark mystic, but Wes convinces him that it will only be temporary.
  • Wesley says that every precaution will be taken, but Angel warns him that he has no idea what Angelus is.
  • He only knows Angelus from books.
  • Angel tells him to get rid of the shaman.
  • Then he goes out into the courtyard to be alone.
  • Of course, Cordelia follows him.
  • She tells him he made the right call refusing to allow Angelus to surface once more.
  • As they talk, she convinces him that Angelus can think like the Beast.
  • This convinces Angel that they need to build a cage to hold him in case something goes wrong.
  • Once the cage is built, Angel tells Connor that he’s not the enemy he likes to believe he is, but if this works, he will be.
  • He tells Connor that no matter what Angelus says or does, that isn’t his father.
  • Angel is strapped down to a table in the cage and Wo-Pang locks himself inside with him.
  • Nearby, Wo-Pang has a glass jar that will what holds Angel’s soul.
  • The shaman begins the ceremony, but then his eyes turn red and he whispers to Angel, “Time to say goodbye,” before pulling out a knife to attack.
  • Angel is able to break free in time to stop Wo-Pang from beheading him.
  • The shaman reveals he serves the Beast.
  • When they start talking about interrogating him, Wo-Pang plunges a knife into his own chest.
  • They remove his robe and find that he is tattooed with some kind of scripture in another language.
  • Wesley is able to translate something about a weapon that was forged centuries ago that can kill the Beast.
  • Cordelia has a vision of a sword that just happens to be somewhere beneath LA.
  • Wesley apologizes for making the wrong call, and Angel appreciates the fact that this is the first time he’s heard him apologize for anything.
  • Underground, they question the coincidence of the sword being in LA.
  • Cordelia explains that she get the impression that it can be accessed from hundreds of points all over the world.
  • They have to get through a passage with tons of straps hanging down with bells attached.
  • They make a sound, booby trap… with wooden stakes, of course.
  • When they get to the other side, they find a dead end…
  • But Wesley discovers the way to open the doorway.
  • Angel and Connor work together to keep the door open while Wes and Cordelia get through.
  • Then they decide to split up…
  • Angel and Cordy split off and she apologizes for making a mess of things with Connor.
  • The two of them find a well lit room and discover the dimensional hub that’s housing the sword.
  • But taking the sword triggers another trap.
  • Angel is able to save Cordelia from being incinerated and they escape just in time.
  • Cordelia is suddenly upset that they could have died without her telling him that she’s truly sorry for what happened with Connor.
  • She says she wanted to be with Angel instead.
  • They kiss and make up.
  • The kiss is interrupted by Connor and Wesley…
  • The kid runs off and Angel goes after him.
  • They wind up in another room with lots of traps and end up duking it out.
  • Why does it always end in fisticuffs with these two?
  • Connor tells Angel that she was his… meaning Cordelia.
  • Cordelia walks in and says, “No, she wasn’t.”
  • This causes Connor to storm off again.
  • The rest of them return to the hotel with the sword to show it off to Fred and Gunn.
  • Now they just need to locate the Beast.
  • Fred has been hitting the books and it seems that the only way to kill the Beast and restore the sun is to stab the brain with the special sword.
  • But this will release a lot of pent up energy that could kill the bearer of the sword.
  • Angel’s about to head out to find the Beast, but instead the Beast breaks down the hotel’s door.
  • That’s convenient.
  • You know what… a lot of this has been awfully convenient.
  • Making up with Wesley…
  • Magic sword right where it’s needed…
  • Cordelia’s apology…
  • It’s like Angel’s having a perfect day.
  • Angel orders everyone to leave so he can focus on the fight and not their safety.
  • The Beast catches the blade and breaks it.
  • Connor shows up just as the Beast is about to crush Angel’s neck.
  • Connor puts up a decent fight and is mostly a distraction so Angel can use a shard from the sword and shove it into the Beast’s skull.
  • Worth mentioning: when the Beast compares Connor to Angelus, Connor says his name is Angel.
  • And it looks like Angel and Connor have finally made up.
  • The Beast is dead and the sun has returned…
  • More perfect day scenario stuff.
  • When all is said and done, Angel and Cordelia make with the smooches.
  • And after the perfect day, Angel experiences that one moment of perfect happiness…
  • As Angel’s soul leaves his body, he cries out for Buffy.
  • Then Wo-Pang reveals that illusion has become reality.
  • And Angelus, lying strapped to the table inside the cage, just laughs.
  • The camera pulls out and we see Angel’s glowing soul inside Wo-Pang’s jar.
  • Body count: No one died because it was all an illusion.

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