Rewatching Angel – Episode 73

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

Apocalypse Nowish

  • Lorne is hounding Angel with questions about why he’s not hounding Cordelia with questions about her time as a higher power.
  • Gunn and Fred are heading out on a case where some lady is hearing spooky things in her pipes.
  • Cordelia is at Connor’s eating junk food and seems generally depressed.
  • Connor tries to get her to rest, but every time she closes her eyes, she sees what’s coming.
  • She can see something clawing its way up… taste the blood of all the people it’s going to kill…
  • She wants to warn Angel, but the words won’t come out.
  • The thing in her dreams is real and it’s almost here.
  • Then she hears it say, “I know,” only for her to look up and see the Beast as it grabs her throat.
  • And then she wakes up…
  • Gotta love those vision-y nightmares.
  • Lorne takes a call from a potential client complaining about snakes coming out of the drain… but that’s not something Angel Investigations deals with.
  • Fred and Gunn are shown to a client’s bathroom where they’re hearing all the demon-y noises.
  • They can’t pinpoint where the sounds are coming from.
  • Suddenly there are rats everywhere.
  • Literally everywhere.
  • They tell the lady to call an exterminator as they run out.
  • Wes comes home to find Lilah in his apartment… trying to do her best Fred impersonation…
  • Clearly, she’s jealous over Wesley’s crush… but she claims she’s not.
  • Fred and Gunn are having some serious issues stemming from the incident with Fred’s professor.
  • Lorne is still fielding lots of calls…
  • It’s like there’s an apocalypse on the way…
  • Connor comes by the hotel and tells Angel he needs to talk to Cordelia.
  • He even calls Angel dad.
  • Must be serious.
  • So Angel goes back with Connor.
  • She tells Angel that she loves him, but that when her memory came back, everything came rushing back.
  • As a higher being, she saw everything that he ever did when he was Angelus.
  • She felt it.
  • Not just the fear and pain of his victims, but the joy he felt from making people suffer.
  • She says she loves him again, but she can’t be with him…
  • Then she has another vision of the Beast.
  • “He’s coming now.”
  • At the hotel, Lorne and Gunn are still being inundated with calls and are interrupted by hundreds of birds flying into the windows.
  • Gunn assumes this is a bad sign.
  • Lilah enters her office to find Angel waiting for her.
  • Lilah tells him she won’t get anything out of him, but Angel reveals that Gavin was already accommodating.
  • Apparently, the psychics that have tried interpreting what they got from Lorne’s head have all died violently.
  • Angel offers to pool their resources, seeing as how this is an apocalypse that Wolfram & Hart weren’t planning for.
  • Cordelia decides she needs to go for a walk and try to find where the Beast would emerge.
  • Connor insists on going with her.
  • She’s also questioning why she’s back… was she kicked out by the Powers That Be?
  • Does she have some role to play in stopping this apocalypse?
  • And there really is too much flirting happening between Connor and Cordy.
  • Ugh… I really don’t like this season.
  • They wind up in the alley behind what was once Caritas.
  • The spot where Darla staked herself so Connor could be born.
  • And that is where the Beast emerges from beneath them.
  • Connor attacks, but it’s like fighting a living piece of granite.
  • The Beast grabs Cordelia by the neck and looks like he’s going to suck out her soul or something, but then he drops her when Connor attacks again.
  • He swats the kid away like a gnat and approaches Cordelia again.
  • The Beast gives her a strange look, laughs a little, then leaps into the air.
  • Back at the hotel, both Wes and Angel arrive intent on trying to stop the end of the world.
  • Angel has all the info that Lilah was able to give him from the psychics.
  • He tells Lorne to plot on a map where all the calls are coming from to see if there’s any kind of concentration in a certain area.
  • Gunn figures out that the gibberish on the Wolfram & Hart pages are like pieces in a huge puzzle.
  • They put it all together and it makes a symbol that Wes recognizes as an ancient alchemical symbol for fire.
  • Fred, meanwhile, is hiding out in the diner that she and Gunn usually share together.
  • The waitress is trying to cheer her up when an earthquake hits.
  • Cordelia is treating Connor’s wounds back at his place.
  • Using the places that Lorne plotted out on the map, they’re able to pinpoint where something bad is gonna go down.
  • It’s at a club on top of a building.
  • Angel, Wes, Lorne, and Gunn head off to fight the Beast.
  • When they encounter him, he’s already killed everyone in the club and arranged their bodies in the Eye of Fire symbol that keeps occurring.
  • The good guys attack in slow motion… which is pointless and leads to them all getting their butts handed to them.
  • Again… like fighting a living piece of granite.
  • Wes even shoots the Beast in the face with a shotgun and he just smiles back at him.
  • Angel goes in for one last attack and winds up having his own stake jabbed into his throat.
  • The Beast looks down at Angel and says, “Do you really think she’s safe with him?” before throwing him off the roof.
  • Then the Beast lights all those dead bodies on fire, sending a column of flame into the sky.
  • Wes helps Gunn get off the roof and Lorne is thrown down through a skylight to the floor below.
  • Angel watches from the ground and pulls the stake out of his neck.
  • After the column of fire finishes its thing, the sky begins to rain fire and brimstone.
  • Connor and Cordelia watch from the window.
  • He can’t help but wonder if this thing is here because of him.
  • Arriving in the place where he was born.
  • And he knows he’s someone that shouldn’t even exist… the child of two vampires.
  • Cordelia tries to comfort him… kisses him… then she sleeps with him.
  • Ugh… I really don’t like this season.
  • I mean, I know that she’s only about 21 and he’s technically 18 thanks to being aged up in a hell dimension.
  • But she was like a mother to him when he was an infant.
  • It’s gross.
  • And after hearing the Beast’s question about Cordelia’s safety, Angel goes to check on her…
  • And watches her and Connor from afar.
  • Ugh… I really don’t like this season.
  • Body count: Humans – Lots

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