My Favorite Movies #26 – Hook

Hook - Poster 2Hook


Directed by Steven Spielberg

Quick synopsis… Peter Pan grows up to become a soulless corporate lawyer whose workaholism could cost him his wife and kids. But when his kids are kidnapped by a vengeful Capt. Hook, Peter is forced to return to Neverland, where he gets a chance at redemption.

  • Let’s just go ahead and get this out of the way…
  • Could anyone but Robin Williams have played the grown up Peter Pan?
  • I’m sure Tom Hanks could have pulled it off… but I can’t even picture that.
  • Appropriately, Wendy’s great-granddaughter is playing Wendy in her school play.
  • Come on, Peter! I know that cell phones that fit in your pocket are still a fairly new thing in the early ’90s, but you should still know enough to silence the ringer when you’re watching a play.
  • Better yet, turn the stupid phone off and enjoy this time you’re spending with your family!
  • The next day he’s missing his son’s Little League game (at Christmas?) to go hang out with a bunch of corporate shills at the office.
  • He gets to the baseball field and seems surprised that no one is there anymore.
  • By the way, he parks in a fire zone (I assume that’s what the red painted curb denotes) and immediately loses his sense of guilt for missing the game when a guy from the office (that he just left) calls him.
  • Peter is not a good guy.
  • Heading to London, he’s clearly terrified of flying.
  • Peter Pan is afraid to fly.
  • Let that sink in.
  • But he has no clue that he’s Peter Pan… he’s Peter Banning.
  • Fun fact #1: the voice of the airline pilot is that of Dustin Hoffman, Captain Hook himself.
  • True story.
  • Best moment in the whole movie: It's Snowing
  • And even though he’s in London, he’s still obsessed with work.
  • Moira throws his phone out the window and gives him a really great lecture about how he’s missing his children’s childhood.
  • While they’re at Granny Wendy’s dedication banquet, the children, Jack and Maggie inexplicably disappear.
  • Kidnapped by one Captain James Hook.
  • Wendy tries to tell Peter the truth about who he is… who he’s forgotten himself to be… but he just thinks she’s a crazy old lady.
  • Peter can’t deal with this and decides to get drunk… which is when Tinker Bell (Julia Roberts) shows up to take him to Neverland.
  • He thinks he’s having a complete nervous breakdown, which is kind of understandable.
  • After all, Peter is entirely overstressed by work and his children have just been abducted by a fictional character while in a foreign country.
  • I’d have a nervous breakdown, too.
  • Smee (Bob Hoskins) introduces Hook to his crew… “A man so deep, he’s almost unfathomable!”
  • Mr. Smee is unappreciated in his time.
  • Fun fact #2: The pirate that Hook throws into the Boo Box is played by Glenn Close.
  • True story.
  • I absolutely love Dustin Hoffman’s Captain Hook.
  • I don’t care who has played Hook since then, this is the Captain Hook I always picture in my head.
  • Peter has his first grown-up encounter with Captain Hook and he’s challenged to simply climb up and touch his kids’ fingers and they’ll be allowed to all go home.
  • But Peter is too afraid and fails.
  • Before Hook can order Peter and the kids killed, Tinker Bell steps in and promises that she and the Lost Boys can whip Peter into shape and give Hook the war he’s been wanting for all these years.
  • Peter has a hard time fitting back in with the Lost Boys.
  • He’s still not convinced that anyone is right about him being Peter Pan.
  • Also, the Lost Boys have a new leader: Rufio.
  • The imaginary dinner scene is another favorite of mine.
  • Knowing the kind of actor that Williams was, I wonder how much of the verbal war between Peter and Rufio had to be left on the cutting room floor because they just told Robin to go at it with the quick witted insults.
  • It takes time, but Peter eventually regains his memories and his ability to fly.
  • Meanwhile, Hook’s right hand man, Mr. Smee, convinces the captain to try and make the kids love him, which would be the ultimate revenge against Pan.
  • Hook’s plan doesn’t work on Maggie, but it does work on Jack, who begins to forget who his real father is.
  • An epic battle ensues and good triumphs over evil.
  • Fun fact #3: When Tootles is flying over London and spills some pixie dust on a couple making out on the bridge, the couple is actually George Lucas and Carrie Fisher.
  • True story.
  • Kids, this is just a fun movie.
  • If you haven’t seen it, please take time to watch it while you’re quarantined… it’s on the Netflix.

Come back next week as I enter the top 25 with a classic starring James Stewart as an idealistic young congressman. Something we could probably use a few more of these days.


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