Rewatching Angel – Episode 65

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • Angel returns to the hotel and lets the gang know that Connor’s going by Stephen now.
  • But it’s still him.
  • Cordelia breaks the news that something else may have come out of the portal.
  • Angel’s convinced that he’ll come back to the hotel when he realizes he needs his father.
  • But he’s already checking into another hotel with his “father,” Holtz.
  • I’m gonna keep calling the kid Connor.
  • The whole Stephen thing is gonna get confusing.
  • Connor apologizes to Holtz for not being able to kill Angel when he had the chance.
  • Holtz knew he wouldn’t be able to.
  • Fred tweaks a Geiger counter to be able to track anything that could have come through the tear in reality.
  • Cordelia goes to talk with Angel… which Groo notices.
  • He’s starting to pick up that there’s something more between Cordelia and Angel than either of them are ready to admit.
  • Groo and Lorne talk… Groo is confused by Angel’s inaction.
  • In the conversation, Lorne says that just because someone does some dimension hopping doesn’t mean things will always work out.
  • And Lorne figures out that Groo isn’t so much talking about Connor and Angel, but himself and Cordelia.
  • Wes sits down to a delicious frozen dinner when he gets an email alert giving him a time, place, and instructions to come alone.
  • Fred uses the Geiger counter around the lobby and inadvertently “finds” Connor, who’s just arrived back at the hotel at the behest of Holtz.
  • Angel introduces him to everyone, including Lorne, who gets a pretty dirty look from the kid.
  • Guess it’s the whole demon thing…
  • Cordy gets a vision about a gang of vampires going after a girl at a club.
  • Angel invites Connor to come with him.
  • Wes is at the club, too… invited by Lilah.
  • She’s set up Justine to get killed by vampires.
  • Lilah assumed Wesley would enjoy watching, but really she just wanted to know if Wes would go straight to his car or if he’d stop to warn Justine before leaving.
  • Angel arrives in time to save Justine.
  • He and Connor dust three vampires, then Connor chases after one that gets away.
  • Wes and Lilah watch as they realize that Connor is back from Q’ortoth and he’s all growed up.
  • Connor gets the last vampire after almost accidentally staking Angel.
  • In a dark alley, Angel and Connor spar and I’d swear the kid is having a good time with his old man.
  • Holtz watches them from a distance.
  • Later, Holtz tries to tell Connor that he needs Angel and insists that he go back to his real father.
  • Fred and Gunn are still tracking whatever came out of the tear, leading them to the hotel where Connor and Holtz are staying.
  • They spot Connor as he walks out on Holtz.
  • Then they spot Holtz.
  • Connor gets back to the Hyperion and has a pretty nasty run in with Lorne.
  • And, yeah, it’s just because he’s a demon.
  • Cordelia steps in and tries to talk Connor down, explaining that she’s part demon.
  • So he attacks her.
  • She does her glowing thing which inexplicably calms Connor.
  • He starts crying and she comforts him.
  • Lorne figures Cordelia gave Connor some kind of soul cleanse, cleaning the Q’ortoth out of him.
  • Connor lets it slip that Holtz said, “We came back for a reason.”
  • And Justine goes to visit Holtz.
  • Angel asks Gunn and Fred to take Connor somewhere fun while he goes to confront Holtz.
  • They take Connor to the beach so he can see the ocean for the first time.
  • Connor walks closer to the edge of the water, giving Fred and Gunn a chance to talk a bit.
  • They bring up Angel confronting Holtz… and Connor hears every word.
  • Then he runs off to get to Holtz.
  • Cordelia is turning off the lights at the Hyperion and thinks Angel has come back.
  • She tells him she’s happy she listened to her and came back… but it’s Groo.
  • Angel is actually with Holtz.
  • At first, Angel tries to get violent.
  • But then they have a legit conversation.
  • Angel apologizes for killing Holtz’s family all those years ago.
  • Holtz asks Angel to give Connor a letter in an unsealed envelope.
  • Angel departs peacefully.
  • He reads the letter that Holtz wrote.
  • Holtz has convinced Justine to kill him using a barbecue fork, making it look like Angel fed on him.
  • Connor arrives in time to find Justine cradling Holtz’s dead body.
  • Body count: Vampires – 4; Humans – 1

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