Rewatching Angel – Episode 60

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

Sleep Tight

  • Wesley continues to obsess over the whole “The father will kill the son” prophecy.
  • Angel is super chipper for some reason.
  • Being the audience and knowing that Wolfram & Hart has been dosing Angel with his own son’s blood… probably has something to do with that.
  • Lorne is reading a girl in the courtyard who’s singing and playing guitar.
  • He can see she’s terrified to keep going, but he tells her to go on.
  • Fred and Gunn are talking to each other on their cell phones as they walk into the room to greet each other.
  • I don’t even have a crush on Fred and I can’t stand this crap.
  • Then Lorne brings everyone else into the courtyard to show them what’s going on with Kim, the singer.
  • When she hits a certain part of her song, she briefly transforms into some kind of demonic figure.
  • Yeah, I’d be scared to keep singing, too.
  • The band she recently joined a band, noticing that her band mates have recently been changing.
  • Turns out they’re all demons called Wraithers who can temporarily make themselves look human and they’ve been dosing Kim to make her like them.
  • Wes takes another trip to visit Holtz and his crew.
  • The rest of the team goes to take out the Wraithers.
  • Gunn can’t help but notice that Angel is going a little overboard in the fight.
  • Wes makes it clear he doesn’t trust Holtz or any of his people, but Holtz keeps insisting that Wesley knows he has to do something to save Connor.
  • Back at the office, Angel is suddenly pissed about how Connor constantly needs to be taken care of…
  • You know… like babies do.
  • He finally realizes there’s something wrong with him.
  • They’ve all noticed that Angel’s been drinking more blood lately.
  • It’s come from the same butcher as always… pig’s blood.
  • But this latest batch has been… tastier… like he can’t get enough.
  • This prompts Fred to analyze this week’s batch of pig’s blood.
  • Wesley is walking back from Holtz’s place and is being followed by Justine.
  • They’re seemingly trying to convince each other who’s really in the right.
  • Angel’s afraid to hold Connor while they figure out the issue.
  • Fred discovers there’s a trace of human blood in the pig’s blood.
  • Angel figures out that it’s Connor’s blood…
  • In the last few days, he’s started to smell like food.
  • So Angel goes directly to Lilah.
  • Sahjhan shows up and accuses Lilah of drinking with his sworn enemy.
  • Angel’s confused… sworn enemy?
  • But he does figure out that Sahjhan is the one who brought Holtz into the present.
  • Sahjhan still won’t reveal why he wants revenge on Angel and Angel really has no clue who Sahjhan is at all.
  • Wes packs a bag for Connor and tells Lorne that he’s taking him to his place for the night and going to the park with him in the morning.
  • Wes makes the mistake of singing to Connor…
  • And Lorne reads him immediately, figuring out what he’s really doing.
  • Wes decides to knock out Lorne to stop him from stopping him.
  • And then, just as Wes is about to leave with Connor, Angel gets back.
  • He agrees that Connor spending the night somewhere else is a good idea, considering what he’s going through.
  • Somehow, Wesley gets away with his little kidnapping scenario.
  • Just as Angel, Gunn, and Fred hear Lorne coming to in Wesley’s office, Holtz and his gang surround them in the hotel lobby.
  • They banter for a minute, as enemies often do.
  • Then they fight.
  • Lorne fully wakes up and hits one of his high notes to subdue Holtz’s people.
  • Angel thinks the bad guys got Lorne good, but he says it was Wesley.
  • Lorne tells Angel that Wes has seen Holtz twice behind his back and he’s not taking Connor overnight… he’s taking him away for good.
  • Justine meets Wes in the park near his apartment.
  • She’s been beaten, claiming that Holtz is everything Wesley claimed he was.
  • But it’s a trap.
  • She slits Wesley’s throat and takes Connor, leaving Wes to bleed out.
  • Angel is ready to torture Holtz’s followers to find out where he can find Holtz, and one of them caves.
  • Gunn and Fred go to find Wes before Angel can find him.
  • Lilah has a team of commandos tracking Holtz…
  • And Angel takes out a couple of the commandos, commandeering their Hummer to follow along.
  • Justine picks Holtz up in her car… Holtz greets Connor, claiming to be his father and changing his name to Stephen.
  • Their plan is to drive to Utah where they’ll raise Connor as their own.
  • But Angel gets to them first.
  • Lilah demands that Holtz turn the baby over to her.
  • And then Sahjhan appears, claiming he wants the child dead.
  • Holtz threatens to kill Connor if anyone tries to take him.
  • To save his son, Angel tells Holtz to take him.
  • And then Sahjhan opens a portal to a dimension called Q’ortoth.
  • Holtz refuses to kill the baby, and decides instead to jump into the portal.
  • Angel tries to follow but is struck by some kind of portal lightning and knocked back.
  • Sahjhan closes the portal and vanishes, claiming that this is unexpected, but takes care of his problem.
  • Justine gets away… Lilah and the commandos leave… and Angel dies a little inside.
  • Body count: Wraither Demons – 3

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