Rewatching Angel – Episode 59

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • Wes fell asleep researching the prophecy about Connor.
  • He dreams that Angel feeds on the baby, killing him, while Gunn ominously tells Wes he’s running out of time.
  • Angel and Wes head to the pediatrician for Connor’s check up.
  • The doctor gives the baby a clean bill of health.
  • They drew some blood for some standard tests, for which they’ll have the results in a week.
  • But when everyone leaves the exam room, someone sneaks in and switches out the vials of blood.
  • Pretty irresponsible to just leave a vial of blood sitting out.
  • Back at the hotel, Angel talks with the gang about how excited he’ll be to see what kind of person Connor will grow into.
  • Wesley listens with an expression I can only describe as forlorn.
  • Is that the correct usage of that word?
  • A potential client walks in needing help.
  • She tells a story of her son who went for a night out and returned home as a vampire.
  • But this potential client is actually Aubrey, one of Holtz’s newest followers.
  • Her visit to the hotel was just to gather intel on Team Angel.
  • Justine can’t understand why anyone would work for Angel, a vampire.
  • Sahjhan shows up and, once again, demands Angel’s death.
  • The demon proceeds to taunt Holtz.
  • So Holtz demands that Sahjhan leave, because even if he can’t kill Sahjhan, he can trap his non-corporeal essence in some kind of special urn.
  • Over at Wolfram & Hart, Lilah is on the phone with her mother.
  • From this side of the conversation, we can infer that her mother has dementia.
  • Sahjhan interrupts and takes a meeting with the attorney.
  • Lilah already knows why Sahjhan is there, because he wants help outside of Holtz to take out Angel.
  • But Wolfram & Hart’s official policy is to leave Angel alone until he can become useful to them.
  • She verbally refuses to help Sahjhan, but writes on a legal pad, “Count me in.”
  • Sahjhan says he needs the blood of Angel’s son, which the firm already has, thanks to the thief we saw in the doctor’s office.
  • Angel is playing with Connor when Wes walks through and says he needs to leave for a while.
  • Angel mentions noticing that Wes has been on edge for a few days… it worries him.
  • At the pier, Gunn and Fred track down the alleged vampire nest that allegedly turned Aubrey’s son.
  • They find the next inside the carousel.
  • Then they find themselves surrounded.
  • Gunn takes on the vamps and gives Fred a chance to run.
  • Justine records the whole thing…
  • Gunn takes out one, but then the other two nearly take him out.
  • Fred comes back and, together, they take down the last two vampires.
  • Wes finds his way to a statue that a wizard sent him to for more information about the prophecy.
  • It’s a talking hamburger at a fast food joint.
  • It’s actually not horrible CGI for early 2000s television.
  • The talking hamburger informs Wes that the prophecy cannot be stopped and that betrayal and agony await him.
  • The hamburger also warns Wes to look for three signs: an earthquake, fire in the air, and the sky turned to blood.
  • Sahjhan meets Lilah at a bar, where she tells him the plan is in motion.
  • She wants to know why Sahjhan wants him dead, but he won’t open up about that.
  • Aubrey stops back by the office to thank Wesley and pay for the team’s services.
  • She pretends to be a friend to him… asks him out for coffee.
  • But he sees through her.
  • So does Angel.
  • They already know she works for Holtz.
  • Angel gives Aubrey a message for Holtz: if he ever tries to come at him through any of his people or tries to touch a hair on his son’s head, he’ll kill him and anyone who gets in his way.
  • Cue the earthquake… The first prophetic sign.
  • Aubrey heads back to Holtz’s hideout and is followed by Wesley.
  • Wes tries to stand up for Angel, telling Holtz he’s fighting the wrong man.
  • He argues that Angel is no more responsible for the crimes of Angelus than he is.
  • Holtz sees through Wesley, though… he’s afraid that Angel is going to kill his own son.
  • Wesley has a decision to make.
  • He stops back in to see Angel and Connor.
  • They have a talk about how much Angel loves Connor, and Wes begins to see that there’s no way Angel could ever hurt his son.
  • Then another earthquake hits, causing the stove to break loose, igniting the gas (the second sign).
  • Angel saves Connor from the fiery apartment, but gets some of his own blood on Connor’s blanket… which is a sky print design…
  • The sky turning to blood was the third sign.
  • Just when Wesley was convinced…
  • Body count: Vampires – 3

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