Rewatching Buffy – Episode 113

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 22 years ago.

Dead Things

  • Buffy is visiting Spike’s crypt.
  • …For a workout session.
  • And then they have a conversation.
  • Like a real couple.
  • The nerds are hiding out at Andrew’s parents’ basement.
  • Their newest techno-magical gadget is referred to as a cerebral dampener.
  • According to Warren, it will turn any woman they desire into their willing sex slave.
  • Good… they’ve created a date rape marble.
  • You know, at least when Buffy has to fight demons, they’re evil because they have no soul.
  • What’s these dorks’ excuses?
  • Buffy asks Tara to come and visit her at work.
  • Yeah, she’s still at the Doublemeat Palace.
  • Buffy wants help to figure out why she came back different.
  • Why is Spike able to hurt her?
  • Jonathan and Andrew watch from the surveillance van while Warren looks for women inside a bar.
  • And then he spots his ex, Katrina.
  • Last we saw her, she was nearly killed by Warren’s robot.
  • Of course, she tells Warren to drop dead.
  • But he’s got his fancy date rape orb, so she begins to refer to him as “master.”
  • I’d like to see Buffy rip these guys’ spines out.
  • They have her dress in a French maid’s outfit and serve them champagne.
  • But she does nothing but stand there and stare into nothingness until they give her an order.
  • Warren leads her off for some private time.
  • But then the spell wears off.
  • The orb is out of juice…
  • When Katrina points out that what they’re doing is rape, Jonathan and Andrew have a freak out moment.
  • She tries to get away, but Warren hits her over the head with a bottle.
  • He demands that Andrew recharge the dampener, but Andrew takes a closer look and sees that she’s dead.
  • Seriously, Buffy needs to wear Warren’s ribcage as a hat.
  • Well, boys, you wanted to be villains… here you are.
  • Warren decides the best way to take care of this is to arrange it so Buffy thinks she killed Katrina.
  • Buffy hangs out with her crew at The Bronze.
  • While they dance, she goes upstairs and gets pretty inappropriate with Spike.
  • The next day, Willow bumps into Tara as she’s leaving the Magic Box.
  • First healthy conversation between those two in a long time.
  • Later, while Buffy’s on patrol, she’s tempted to go to Spike’s again.
  • She lingers outside his door for a moment, and he can sense she’s there.
  • But she leaves before he opens the door.
  • Honestly, I think this is the most CW this show has ever been.
  • Buffy gets distracted by hearing Katrina scream.
  • Then some weird things really start up… like when the nerds pulled the time shift thing.
  • She and Spike fight some demons… but they might be hallucinations.
  • And that’s what leads Buffy to think she accidentally killed Katrina.
  • I can’t tell if Buffy and Spike really killed three hooded demons or not. I’ll count them just in case.
  • Buffy is wracked with guilt and Spike hurries her away.
  • Warren seems pretty proud of himself… Jonathan is feeling guilty…
  • Buffy’s dreams are restless, and she wakes in the middle of the night to tell Dawn goodbye.
  • She’s planning to turn herself in.
  • When Buffy says she’s sorry, Dawn says she really isn’t… she’s never home, she doesn’t want to be there…
  • Spike tries to stop Buffy outside the police station.
  • He claims he took care of the body… but then they hear a couple of officers talking about a body that washed up at the river’s edge near the cemetery.
  • Bollocks.
  • Spike still tries to stop Buffy, telling her again that he loves her.
  • She still can’t believe it’s possible for him to love her.
  • They start fighting… and Buffy really beats the crap out of him.
  • Meanwhile… she’s yelling at him about how he’s dead inside… there’s nothing good about him…
  • But I think it’s safe to say she’s telling herself these things.
  • She leaves Spike on the ground and goes inside the station.
  • Before she can confess to the police, she hears the sergeant on the phone as they’ve identified the body as Katrina.
  • She recognizes the name as Warren’s ex-girlfriend.
  • At the Magic Box, they identify the demons that Buffy and Spike fought.
  • Apparently, when they enter our dimension, they cause a localized temporal disturbance.
  • Buffy knows that Warren and the others are somehow connected, but can’t prove it yet.
  • Tara lets Buffy know that she’s fine.
  • Bringing her back may have slightly altered her on a molecular level, just enough to mess with the sensors in Spike’s brain chip.
  • But hearing that she didn’t come back wrong really upsets her…
  • Because if something isn’t wrong, why would she continually allow Spike to do these things to her…?
  • Tara understands what Buffy is saying… and Buffy admits that it’s the only time she actually feels something.
  • Tara promises that she won’t tell anyone.
  • Buffy wants so desperately for Tara to tell her that she’s wrong.
  • It’s kind of heartbreaking to see Buffy like this… she’s broken…
  • Body count: Humans – 1; Hooded demons – 3

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