Rewatching Angel – Episode 56

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • So… I’m a day late with this one.
  • Typically I watch Buffy and Angel back to back on Monday evenings and then schedule both posts to go out on Tuesday.
  • But for whatever reason, I was exhausted on Monday and only made time for Buffy.
  • So… I’m a day late with this one.
  • Angel drops some change into a piggy bank, which he then puts into a safe…
  • A fund for Connor.
  • Cordelia reminds him that, even though it’s important for him to bring in money to provide for Connor, they still have a mission to help the helpless.
  • Fred finishes building a web page for the business and Wes and Gunn return from distributing flyers all over town.
  • A guy’s being chased by some kind of monster and finds one of those flyers.
  • But when he calls, he reaches a pizza place…
  • Oops.
  • We also can’t forget that Holtz is still out there somewhere.
  • He’s got his protege, Justine, pinned to a table in his lair.
  • Literally… she has an ice pick in her hand stuck to a table.
  • It’s a test. If she’s still there when he gets back, he’ll know she’s committed.
  • The next day, things are booming at Angel Investigations.
  • A girl is being stalked by her undead ex-boyfriend.
  • A trio of demons is interested in borrowing Wes and/or Fred’s mind for a ritual puzzle.
  • Angel fields a call from a business owner played by a fairly young Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
  • Business guy wants to hire Angel to take down a nest of vampires and is willing to pay $10,000.
  • Hey, Angel, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Also, things are never what they seem.
  • As soon as Angel leaves, the real business owner walks in and asks Jeffrey Dean Morgan what he’s doing in his office.
  • He responds by knocking the guy out.
  • This probably means the demon trio actually want to eat Fred’s brain or feed it to their prince and the girl with the undead ex is probably going to get back together with the guy.
  • Holtz returns to Justine and removes the ice pick.
  • She thanks him for the lesson by punching him.
  • The demon trio return for Fred and offer $50,000 as payment.
  • Wes and Gunn are helping the girl with the zombie stalker.
  • And they also realize they both have a thing for Fred.
  • Angel tracks down the vampires he was hired to kill.
  • He dusts one… then two more show up.
  • When Angel returns to the the business owner, he discovers the real business owner.
  • The guy Angel talked to is a former employee who was fired for continually asking the boss to bankroll his crazy idea about taking out vampires.
  • Lorne is with Fred as she tries to solve the puzzle.
  • He goes exploring while she works and discovers that they want to remove her head and put it on their prince’s body.
  • As one does…
  • But Lorne’s curiosity leads to being knocked unconscious.
  • As far as concussions go, I’m starting to think Lorne is the Giles of Angel.
  • Back at the hotel, Cordelia tries to float to entertain Connor.
  • That must only happen when she gets a vision, though.
  • Angel returns to the vampire nest after the real business owner mentioned a hidden treasure.
  • He runs into Jeffrey Dean Morgan there.
  • His real treasure is something that belonged to a friend of his that the vampires killed.
  • Angel demands to be paid for the three vampires he killed.
  • But Jeff makes it clear that there were seven. Do the math…
  • Cordelia has a vision warning her about Fred’s predicament.
  • The undead ex gets into the girl’s house…
  • After a quick scuffle, they talk and it’s discovered that she poisoned him… hence his death.
  • But he’ll forgive her if she takes him back.
  • I’d say my predictions were pretty spot on for this episode.
  • The moment Fred finishes the puzzle, she’s dragged away to meet the demons’ dying prince.
  • She’s chained down and Lorne explains that the prince’s heads wear out every now and then.
  • Cordelia and Connor arrive with the demons’ money in an attempt to get Fred back, head firmly attached.
  • Lorne loosely translates for Cordelia, but throws in the fact that Angel, Wes, and Gunn are close behind and ready for a fight.
  • Only they’re not.
  • Angel, in spite of not getting paid for the job, takes down the remaining four vampires.
  • In time for the fight, Wes and Gunn show up to save Cordy, Fred, and Lorne.
  • They knock off the prince’s head, which pisses off the other chrome-faced demons.
  • Angel drops in just in time to save the whole gang.
  • And that $50,000 is just lying there. The team calls dibs.
  • After a long day, Angel and Cordelia lie in bed with baby Connor between them.
  • They make a list of what they should do with the money.
  • Clearly, this tension is continuing to build between the two of them.
  • Body count: Vampires – 5 (that we see on screen); Chrome-faced demons – 1 (that we see on screen)

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