My Favorite Movies #57 – The Avengers

Avengers - Poster.jpgThe Avengers


Directed by Joss Whedon

Quick synopsis… An all-star lineup of superheroes — including Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk and Captain America — team up to save the world from certain doom. Working under the authority of S.H.I.E.L.D., can our heroes keep the planet at peace?

  • Y’all… Remember when this movie was about the most ambitious thing we could think of seeing on the big screen?
  • How far we’ve come…
  • Even at this point, in 2012, it was incredible to think that you could take characters from what, once upon a time, would have been considered four different franchises, and put them in one film together.
  • Finding out that Loki was the big bad prior to seeing the movie, I remember thinking, “Why is that a big deal?”
  • Thor already dealt with his adopted brother by himself. Now we need an entire team of super heroes to take him down, just because he’s been given a magic scepter?
  • I’ll admit, it’s interesting to go back to see this first team-up after seeing what it all builds up to in Avengers: Endgame.
  • Don’t worry… no spoilers.
  • It follows the kind of formula that you expect a super hero team-up to follow.
  • Well, you expect it if you’ve read a handful of comic books over the years.
  • There’s a precipitating factor which warrants getting all of these big guns in the same room.
  • There’s a misunderstanding, causing the big guns to fight each other for a while.
  • And, let’s be honest, that’s what everyone wants to see, right? You want to see Iron Man fight Captain America. You want to see Thor fight the Hulk. And, though it’s a different universe entirely, you want to see Superman fight Batman.
  • Of course, there’s the reminder that you’re all on the same side because that precipitating factor is still out there trying to cause chaos or usher in an alien army or destroy the world.
  • Helps if the precipitating factor makes it personal for the team to stay involved.
  • It’s always something, isn’t it?
  • Then you wrap it all up with an epic battle and some amazing cinematography.
  • All in all, it’s good stuff. And I’d be shocked if there are still people out there who have yet to see at least a little bit of this movie.

Pretty sure we’re back on the regular schedule now. So come back next week as this little countdown continues with The Lego Movie.


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Movies #57 – The Avengers

  1. This was the first ever Avengers cast movie I ever saw and I LOVED it!!! Then I had to start at the beginning with Iron Man to get caught up haha

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  2. This has been the most amazing movie franchise I have ever seen. I was thinking about this the other day and I asked myself why I felt it was. I think it comes down to the fact that it doesn’t take itself seriously.

    The comedy, the lighthearted insults and the search and discovery of Robert Downey Jr’s candy hidden throughout the set is pleasing to the eyes.

    It has found a way to separate itself from the others and while doing so it has raised the bar.


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