Rewatching Angel – Episode 44

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

  • Cordelia cries over Lorne’s severed head.
  • “I just want to go home!”
  • Much to Cordelia’s surprise, Lorne opens his eyes and lets her know that’s what he wants too.
  • Lorne explains that his people can be beheaded and still live until their bodies are mutilated, which the Covenant guys have clearly not gotten around to yet.
  • The Covenant leader decides to start showing his power by killing a human slave he knows to have given information to rebel humans.
  • They have a device that activates the slave collars that can cause heads to explode.
  • Wes and Gunn are about to be put to death by the human rebels, but their execution is interrupted by demon guards who shoot the executioner with a crossbow.
  • The guards also want to put Wes and Gunn to death.
  • In Fred’s cave, Angel has returned to normal and they begin to bond over the things she’s missed from back home.
  • Cordelia gets a slave girl to switch clothes so that she can sneak Lorne’s head over to the mutilation chamber to get him reattached before his body is destroyed.
  • Looking around Fred’s cave, Angel discovers that Fred may have unknowingly figured out how to work the portals.
  • But they’re attacked by more guards who intend to kill Angel for saving Fred.
  • One of the guards is killed, but their leader manages to shove his spear into Angel’s heart.
  • He doesn’t explode into dust…
  • Fred knocks out the demon before he can try again.
  • When the rebels realize Wes and Gunn are on their side, they release them.
  • They decide to stick with the rebels to help them storm the castle.
  • Fred nurses Angel back to health, again.
  • The leader of the demon guards is tied up, but reveals that once the princess mates with the Groosalugg, she’ll be put to death, like the traitor Krevlornswath.
  • The guard breaks free and attacks once more, hurting Fred, then getting killed by Angel.
  • Cordelia and Lorne’s head get to the mutilation chamber to find Lorne’s body has been dismembered.
  • But why is his head still alive?
  • Groo arrives and reveals that he stole Lorne’s body and hid it with his family, because he knew that Lorne was the princess’ friend.
  • Wes is named the new leader of the rebels because he has a good plan and because their previous leader died in the fight against the guards.
  • Angel gets Fred to show him the way to the rebel camp.
  • Groo and Cordelia talk about what his purpose is. He reveals that, once they mate, the visions will pass on to him.
  • She’s not okay with this. Even though the visions cause her so much pain, she’s not ready to give them up.
  • Speaking of visions… she then has one of Groosalugg being slaughtered by a monster.
  • We recognize the monster to be the extreme vampire version of Angel that emerges in this dimension.
  • Cordy doesn’t realize this is what he turns into here.
  • The rebels are discussing the attack plan with Wes and Gunn when Angel and Fred walk up.
  • Then Landok arrives with Lorne’s head in a basket.
  • After nightfall, Wes gets the rebels ready to move on the castle.
  • He sends Angel to the village to call out the Groosalugg.
  • Angel is afraid that if he has to fight, the demon will come out. He’s afraid that he won’t be able to come back.
  • Wes knows that he’ll be able to find his way back.
  • But Gunn asks, “You really think he’ll come back?” Wes says, “I need him to think it…”
  • The Covenant storms into Cordy’s room demanding that she mate with Groo. But that’s interrupted by Angel arriving in the village.
  • He challenges Groosalugg to mortal combat.
  • The Covenant leader misleads Groo, making him believe that his challenger will ravage, torture, and eventually kill Cordelia.
  • So Groo’s pissed.
  • And he pretty much hands Angel his own butt.
  • Meanwhile, Wes sends a couple of rebels to distract the outside guards, which leads to their deaths. But the distraction allows others to break down an outer door while Wes and Gunn climb the outer wall.
  • They kill three of the guards once they get inside as they make their way to Silas, the Covenant leader.
  • The fight with Groo remains one sided until Angel transforms.
  • Silas is ready to activate the device that kills all the humans when Wes, Gunn, and the rebels arrive.
  • While Silas is monologuing, Cordelia beheads him from behind.
  • Back in the village, Angel returns to normal after getting the upper hand.
  • He tells Groo that they need to find another way.
  • Cordelia arrives to stop the fight and confesses her love for Groosalugg.
  • She frees all the slaves and and makes Groo the monarch of Pylea.
  • The remaining Covenant priests are made to serve the people, not the other way around.
  • Fred and Wes take the Wolf, Ram, and Hart books and figure out how to open the portal from the Pylea side.
  • Angel’s car arrives in Caritas, destroying the bar.
  • Team Angel, plus Fred, arrive back at the Hyperion.
  • Willow’s in the lobby waiting for Angel to get back… She’s got some bad news.
  • Body count: Humans – 5; Demons – 6

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