Rewatching Angel – Episode 42

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

Over the Rainbow

  • We rejoin Cordelia, lost in a forest in a different dimension.
  • She cries out for help and quickly realizes that that’s just a good way to attract some kind of crazy hell beast.
  • Which it does.
  • Back at Caritas, Angel tries to reopen a portal, but has no luck.
  • Lorne says it’s just as well. They don’t want to get into his home dimension looking like a human.
  • Meanwhile, Cordy is chased down by the hell beast, who ends up having the temperament of an excited dog.
  • And the dog’s owner is excited that he’s found him a cow he can sell at the market.
  • That’s what they call the humans there.
  • Lorne calls his home dimension Pylea. He has no love for the place. He considers it hell simply because they have no music there.
  • He grew up thinking he was cursed because he was the only one who could imagine music in his mind.
  • Wesley figures out that opening the portal in Caritas the first time depleted psychic energy from that location. So the hot spot became cold.
  • They need to find another hot spot and hope they land together.
  • Gunn returns to the hotel and breaks the news that he’s not going with them Pylea. He’s still racked with guilt over one of his crew dying.
  • At the market, Cordelia is bought by some old lady and fitted with a shock collar.
  • The girl from the library, Fred, watches as Cordelia is led away with the old demon lady.
  • This is officially Fred’s first episode! She becomes one of my favorite characters moving forward.
  • Lorne goes to a psychic friend of his to locate a hot spot. She won’t tell him where to find one unless he agrees to go with the others.
  • Gavin Park, a heretofore unseen attorney with Wolfram & Hart, drops by the hotel claiming the firm wants to appraise the building. They’re interested in purchasing the property when Angel’s lease expires.
  • Angel refuses to let them take a look around.
  • Back in Pylea, Cordelia is shocked when she continually talks to herself while mucking out the stables.
  • Fred finds her and talks to her, warning her not to tamper with the collar because it could blow her head off.
  • They’re interrupted when Fred is seized by some kind of authority figure. They see that she’s disabled her collar and advise her that she should have stayed in the woods.
  • Angel is leaving a message for someone explaining what’s going on and what to do if he never returns. I assume he called Buffy…
  • But she’s off on a road trip trying to get away from Glory.
  • When Cordelia is forced to carry her master’s things to the market to be sold, she has a vision of a villager being attacked by a Drokken.
  • So everyone around her begin crying out that she’s cursed.
  • Wes has figured out that they can all appear on the other side of the portal together if they go through in a car. The metal surrounding them should do the trick.
  • Gunn shows up at the last minute, deciding to join his new crew.
  • Turns out Angel’s call was to Gunn. That’s what I get for assuming…
  • Wesley opens the portal and they drive through.
  • Little problem… the book drops to the pavement.
  • So how will they get back?
  • Over the rainbow… they arrive during the day. And the top is down on the car.
  • But Angel’s not catching on fire. This dimension’s two suns don’t affect him the way the real world’s solo sun does.
  • Angel’s really excited about not catching fire.
  • Cordelia is confronted by some kind of robed figures regarding being cursed with the sight.
  • They have a way to test her. Looks like a painful test.
  • Wes and crew figure out that no one has the book. Wes deduces that the book can only open rifts to Pylea from earth, so it can only exist on earth.
  • Cordelia is pretty out of it when the test confirms she’s cursed.
  • Lorne leads the gang into town to the home of an old friend of his.
  • Turns out his old friend isn’t happy to see him. He’s a traitor. Apparently.
  • So the good guys are cornered.
  • A pretty decent fight breaks out and it’s looking good for the good guys. But they’re bound and tied up in the end.
  • Everyone but Lorne is taken to a dungeon to await judgment by their ruler. Lorne is taken to be interrogated.
  • Meanwhile, the robed demons discuss the cursed one. Blood must be spilled. Whatever that means.
  • Well, I guess it means someone’s gotta die. But does it mean Cordelia’s gotta die?
  • Angel, Wes, and Gunn are reunited with Lorne at a castle.
  • They’re taken before their monarch: Cordelia.
  • Body count: No deaths this time!

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