Rewatching Angel – Episode 41

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • Team Angel are out to dinner, celebrating Cordelia landing a part in a national commercial.
  • The next day, Wes is on the phone with his father. Serious daddy issues here…
  • Warrented, though. Guy’s a jerk.
  • Angel pays a visit to Cordelia on the set of her commercial.
  • It’s a beach scene and she’s in a bikini. And the director treats her like a piece of meat.
  • Angel stands up for her, but she’s not appreciative because standing up to the misogynist director could get Cordelia fired.
  • His real reason for going by there is to get more info from her last vision.
  • While Gunn and Wes are waiting for Angel to come back with intel on where to find the Haklar demon from Cordy’s vision, a couple of Gunn’s crew come by to ask to borrow his truck.
  • He wants to go with them, but then Angel shows up and they have to head to the Haklar.
  • Cut to Caritas where the Host is singing some classic Stevie Wonder when suddenly a portal opens up on stage and out pops a new kind of demon.
  • It kind of tears up the club and finds the exit.
  • Wes and Angel get back from the Haklar killing. Wes was attacked by a power walker because she felt that killing the demon disrespected its culture.
  • The Host arrives at the hotel to warn the team about the demon, called a Drokken, that escaped from the portal and that it’s probably getting hungry.
  • Then we see the Drokken attack and kill someone.
  • As Angel and Wes get ready to head out after the Drokken, Cordelia has a vision about a girl in a library who gets pulled into a portal.
  • Connection!
  • Gunn goes to help his old crew with the vampire problem they’re currently having.
  • But they ended up going without him and one of them wound up dead. With the possibility of turning into a vampire.
  • Team Angel, minus Gunn, plus the Host, go to the library to find the girl and save her from the portal.
  • But it turns out this girl, Fred (Winifred), has been missing for five years.
  • Talk about your delayed visions.
  • Cordelia finds the book that Fred was cataloging when the portal opened.
  • It’s in a weird language with no vowels. And the Host is getting kinda squirrely about it when Cordy begins reading it aloud.
  • In a world where magic exists, do you really think you should randomly read strange languages from really old books?
  • Anyway, whatever Cordelia reads opens another portal.
  • And out pops another demon. But this one looks a lot like a barbarian version of the Host.
  • The Host recognizes the new demon, who identifies the Host as Krevlornswath of the Deathwok clan.
  • But Krevlornswath prefers to go by Lorne.
  • The guy from the portal is named Landok.
  • When Landok offers to help Lorne get back to their dimension, Lorne makes it clear he doesn’t want to go back.
  • Landok makes it clear that Lorne is an embarrassment to his people.
  • When the gang mentions the Drokken, Landok offers to help them slay the beast.
  • Gunn won’t answer his pages. He’s mad that his crew didn’t wait for him. “We’ve been waiting on you for months, bro.” Ouch.
  • Landok leads them to where the Drokken is hiding out, then he and Angel charge in after it.
  • The Drokken bites Landok, poisoning him. The only antidote available is back in his home dimension.
  • Wes and Angel split up so Wes can find the girl that the Drokken had abducted and get her to safety.
  • But just as Wes finds the girl, the Drokken finds him.
  • Angel swoops in and kills the Drokken just in time.
  • Cordelia figures out how to get Landok back to his dimension.
  • They get back to Caritas and Landok reads from the book.
  • Landok is sent back to his home dimension.
  • But Cordelia is missing…
  • She wakes up on the ground in a strange wooded area.
  • That’s a heck of a cliffhanger for ya.
  • Body count: Humans – 1; Demons – 1

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